Most of us have taken a look at our closet at some point in time and felt guilt about the amount of clothing we’ve accumulated. Most of us have also acknowledged the need to donate. While it seems easy to simply drop our clothing off at a Salvation Army or Goodwill, what many don’t know is how easily that can actually equate to throwing our clothing away.

Here are the facts about textile waste.

With fall and winter being two seasons very close to each other, it’s nice to have a few pieces of clothing that you can wear during both. Along with those boots that come out every year in October and that fur vest you layer over everything, another item to think about adding to your list of treasured staples is the trench coat.

Not only has it been a classic piece of outerwear for decades, but it’s also extremely flattering and can streamline almost any outfit. Although it was first introduced in its familiar longer length, today’s “trenches” are offered in a wide range of different silhouettes and fabrics.

Fall is finally here, and our wardrobe choices are beginning to evolve. Long sleeves, jackets, and trousers will soon replace our tanks, tees, and dresses. With jumpsuits having made a permanent comeback, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing overalls hit the streets this season, as well. Though birthed as work wear, they’ve made it into almost every denim collection today. Overalls are no longer just a trend, but a classic must-have for fall and winter.

Maybe you’ve never considered yourself as the type to rock this number, but with the garment’s impressive history and aggressive presence in the fashion world, it’s time to start embracing the practicality of this denim onesie. Below, we’re sharing how.

We’ve all been there before — that all-too-familiar feeling of being out of shape and unmotivated. It’s often during those periods when the stress of work and life begins to weigh a bit heavier than usual. A project at work isn’t panning out the way you wanted it to, or that job search is starting to feel completely hopeless. Maybe it’s that awkward strain of leaning on a friendship that you simply can’t shake.

Physically and mentally, you feel exhausted. Your schedule fills with last-minute dinners out, ordering in, and easy, unhealthy fixes. Soon enough, that carefree justification to consume what you want catches up and starts to weigh you down, and not just on the scale.

Fortunately, staying healthy physically is also excellent for emotional and mental stability. There’s an endless array of fitness options out there today; the key is to find the best one for your lifestyle and goals. So, how to know which is really best for you?


With today’s fast fashion and fleeting trends, it’s not often that we come across modern day style icons who truly wear clothing the way the ones of the past did. Too often our best assets are now flaunted as opposed to embraced. The influence of magazines, in addition to social media, heavily dictates what’s in and out of style more so than ever before.

Interestingly enough, when we look back to previous decades, there was much more creative expression used to push boundaries and develop the most independent, yet classic, of styles.

Here’s to celebrating three women who succeeded in distinct personal style simply by understanding what made them unique and embracing who they knew themselves to be. Having a sense of what looks good on you starts with how you see yourself.