Modern Wool is a family-owned company based in southern California. The love and care evident in their products trickles all the way down to the source. Obtaining their gorgeous merino wool from ranches in both Colorado and Wyoming, they create hand-knitted throws, scarves, blankets, and pillow cases, just to name a few.

They also sell their cozy, handmade merino wool yarn, catering to knitting enthusiasts with a taste for the finest materials. So grab a blanket and cozy up as we find out a little bit more about this sheep-friendly enterprise by chatting with Modern Wool’s founder, Zoe Renteria.

These bars are the perfect bite to bring to any Halloween gathering. Decadent layers of homemade graham cracker crust, dark chocolate, and a star anise marshmallow topping.

Below we’re detailing each step and it’s easier than you might think to make something this lovely and delicious. This year, skip the packages of the artificial who-knows-what  and get ready to hand out squares of the ultimate spooktacular treat.

Tiffany Kunz is an independent jewelry designer based in Los Angeles. She creates works of art with an eco-conscious approach, focusing on using reclaimed metals and hand-making her pieces in downtown Los Angeles.

In a continued effort to bring light to designers producing their pieces domestically, we reached out to Tiffany to learn more about Tiffany Kunz Jewelry and the designer behind the line.

Camilyn Beth is an independent clothing line based in Sarasota, Florida and founded by fashion designer, Cami Beth Leavitt.

Known for its classic style and unexpected details, each piece is handmade locally. In an effort to bring attention to independent women designers producing their pieces in the United States, we reached out to Cami to learn more about her refined, feminine brand.


Happy 4th of July!

It’s the perfect summer holiday, which means it’s also time for the perfect summer treat: homemade berry pie. Hibiscus and olallieberries are a match made in heaven. If you can’t get your hands on some olallieberries, feel free to substitute your favorite berry (raspberries + blackberries would work fabulously) into this recipe instead.

Top with homemade ice cream, and you’re in for a treat.

There’s a growing shift in the priorities of American fashion. Unique, handmade items are beginning to take precedence over following the fast-fashion trends, and many are developing a more minimalistic approach to how they fill their wardrobes.

For that reason, Darling had fashion blogger and long-time contributor Cassie Winslow reach out to Hackwith Design House for both inspiration and guidance on how one can incorporate this concept into their own personal style. Based in Minneapolis, Hackwith designs for the individual, favoring small quantities of high quality over items for mass production.

Read on below for our exclusive interview with founder Lisa Hackwith.

Cinco de Mayo and margaritas (not to mention guacamole, limes, chips …) are a classic, festive pair. So classic, in fact, we thought we’d change it up today to bring you an easy twist on another south-of-the-border favorite, the paloma! (Don’t worry, the guac and chips are still very much welcomed.)

Similar to the margarita, the paloma is a perfectly delicious, tequila-based drink. This recipe features homemade grapefruit soda, springified with a touch of chamomile and orange zest. It’s truly a special treat, regardless of what the calendar says. Read on below as we walk you through each sip-worthy step.