Toronto is a multi-cultural city that has become a hub for Canadian artists and creators to live and develop their craft. No matter whether they call the hip Queen West district home, or if they are living in one of the other dynamic neighborhoods within Toronto, this city has helped their creativity flourish to create a professional career within the arts. Here is a selection of my top eight creative ladies that you should know from Toronto.


One of the best parts about traveling is the ability to experience a culture and area different from your own. When traveling to Portugal, in addition to the beautiful scenery, you will also be captivated by the regional flavors that make this area so unique. As you are planning your next adventure overseas, why not explore one (or more) of these three beautiful areas of Portugal.

This vibrant capital embodies quaint New England charm as a world-class city that’s filled with cultural neighborhoods, exciting museums and classic architecture.

Boston is a city filled with historic districts nestled beside modern skyscrapers; tourists and locals alike find themselves wandering through Boston Common, Faneuil Hall Marketplace and the cobblestone streets of the city’s oldest neighborhood in the North End.

Here’s how you, too, can enjoy some of the most beautiful sights Boston has to offer.

Every new year my resolution is to travel more, explore more and learn more. What I love the most about traveling is the escape it provides to see a new corner of the world and gain a new perspective on life. As the weather gets colder, there is no better time to book your next trip somewhere warm for a little escape and a whole lot of sun.

This year, why not skip the all-inclusive vacation and explore one of these other warm weather destinations instead?


When you think of traveling to France, it’s no surprise that the first thing that comes to your mind is Paris. Affectionately known as the City of Lights, over thirty million tourists visit France’s capital city each year.

But next time when you’re voyaging all the way across the Atlantic, why not extend your stay and venture beyond Paris to see more of what makes this country so unique?

From standout cities to sprawling vineyards, to historic castles and more, here are some my favorite spots to explore in France that are easily accessible by train or short flight.


Most have heard about Amsterdam as the crazy European destination where travelers stop to explore and indulge in the liberties of the city. But this beautiful Dutch city filled with canals has so much more to offer its tourists than a trip down to the Red Light District.

With over one million residents, Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ largest city and a creative and cultural hub. Known as the “Venice of the North,” there are over 1,500 bridges that cross this charming European City. Amsterdam is also one of the largest registered historic city centers in Europe with over 7,000 registered historic buildings, a collection of eight windmills in the city center and numerous streets lined with their iconic narrow houses.