Cannes Film Festival was this month. Thousands flocked to the town of Cannes, France to preview new films, sell their scripts or to distribute their finished film. It was one of my biggest dreams to attend. Ever since I was a little girl I had dreams of creating something for the movies. You could find me watching VHS tapes in my family basement most weekends.

Fast forward a few years. I married talented filmmaker: Aaron Craig. He and I wanted to make a film together. On a lark, we traveled to my family farm in Illinois and created a short film. It was a fun side project to see what we could do. Somehow, we pulled it off. Our actors were a funny mix of family friends and the local postmaster. My mom and dad served as our sound person and location manager (plus dog wrangler). Filming was a great experience, full of lots of laughs and learning. We took our footage back to New York City not expecting much.


Before I was born, my parents went on their first African safari. Growing up, I heard stories of their experience and looked at pictures of lions and giraffes and zebras. I listened in amazement as my dad described their off-road adventures, and I’ve wanted to go on my own safari ever since.

Recently, my husband and I were given that unforgettable experience by Gondwana Game Reserve in South Africa. In spite of my parent’s stories, nothing prepared me for experiencing a safari first-hand. Oh, I can tell you the trip was glorious and predictably out-of-this world. But there were a few unpredictable discoveries that I also made on my first safari.

Nashville is an amazing city full of music history and vibrancy. However, when it comes to shopping, this fine city can be a little bit daunting.

Never fear. Though I live in NYC now, I lived in Nashville for four years and in that time I found some amazing shops where you can find everything from vintage hats to that perfect pair of overalls. So, let’s get started!

Below I am going to share my secret, top three stylish and affordable Nashville shopping destinations.