Wanderlust for me is year-round, but there is something about the approaching summer that encourages many to finalize their travel plans and take off for a week. While generally the quickest and easiest route to a destination is via plane, there is a certain art and finesse to the road trip that can’t be beat.

So, what does one do to prepare to hit the pavement? Here are a few necessities to make the trip go smoothly.

You know those little shops, the ones heard by word of mouth from a friend and are tucked away between buildings and bustling streets? Those little shops that end up being an experience rather than just a place? That’s The Hub Factory in downtown Los Angeles and its creative owner and hairstylist, Gaëlle Secretin.

After embarking on what felt like a journey to unearth my hair’s inner workings, I asked her a few questions for a glimpse into her unique salon and the inspiration behind her career.

I entered college pre-med biology. Four years went by and I graduated with a bachelors degree in English writing and rhetoric.

Needless to say, the identity I had entered college with was second-guessed and shaken multiple times. For example, I had looked at my roommate’s life and wanted to implement her characteristics of tidiness, planning, and dedication to schoolwork as my own. I wanted her four-year (and then some) plan, and when I realized it wasn’t in me to create one, I felt insecure instead of realizing that not everyone takes the same road to reach a destination.

For a moment, I saw the person I should be and the person I clearly wasn’t all at once. What is it that causes us to question our entire integrity based not on our own attributes, but on the ones we lack when compared to someone else?

October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to the American Cancer Society, it’s estimated that 234,190 new cases of breast cancer, including both males and females, will occur in the US in 2015. Breast cancer ranks second as a leading cause of cancer death in women (after lung cancer).

While these facts may sound scary, rest assured that deaths due to breast cancer have steadily decreased since 1989 due to improvements in both early detection and treatment.

Want to help that number continuously go down? Below are some unique ways to give back and raise awareness this October.

Recently, I’ve wondered: Is it socially acceptable to admit to having a bad day?

Saying that I am, in fact, having one has always felt like an admittance of fault – a depiction of the ways I am not measuring up to the seemingly societal norm of perfectionism. Not only that, but I’ve generally found that most are drawn to happy, smiling people. We tend to avoid those readily armed with complaints or sullen looks.