A Response To The Sandy Hook Tragedy

The following is a message from our partner, RYOT, regarding what we can do to take action and support the victims and families affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. Even in this joyful Christmas season, we at Darling have heavy hearts in light of the horrific events that took place and are keeping those affected in our prayers.

Last Friday was an historic, tragic day. If you’re anything like us, you spent hours trying to learn more about what happened in Newton, CT while also wanting to shut out the news entirely because it was too depressing to bear. Every story RYOT re-posted about the tragedy we attached to a page that lists a number of ways our readers can get involved and feel less helpless. This is the reason RYOT was created, and we would love your help getting the word out

We set up a RYOT fund for the victims and our Editor-in-Chief, Brian Klonoski, will be in Newtown this Sunday, to personally hand over a check for 100% of the funds raised. Every penny will go to this community—no hidden fees or expenses. We’ll provide video and photo updates so donors can see exactly where their money went. Please consider donating to this cause today and truly “Becoming the News.”

Even if you’re unable to donate, you can help get the word out via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other preferred outlets by sharing this link: http://www.ryot.org/campaigns/sandy-hook-elementary-school-victims-relief-fund

Image by David Goldman via RYOT.

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