Watching other people chase their dreams is contagious; it’s almost impossible to sit idly by while you are in the midst of a sea of people pursuing their passion with bold intention and commitment. Designing a successful and innovative clothing line does not happen by accident; it is fought for with determination and a whole lot of gumption.

What consistently inspires me with each Fashion Week I have attended is how committed designers are season after season to continue creating.  These sometimes less than 10 minute runway shows represent a culmination of upwards of a year of dreaming, planning, and executing. There is always a deadline. With the final bow from the designer after her September show, she knows that she has precisely 6 months until her next bow. There cannot be a moment wasted between bows.

To create is a verb which means it requires action, intention, and movement. Fashion Week reminds me that one of the most important elements in our creativity is to keep moving. We mustn’t wait for inspiration to find us. We have to boldly go after it every single day, even when we feel tired or uninspired.

Excellence happens when we are intentional and fight for it. Musician Jack White puts it simply, “inspiration + work ethic ride right by each other”, there is not one without the other.

It’s easy to focus on the glamourous moments of our end goals or those sexy Instagram moments we put up for the world to see, and in doing so forget the painstaking hours of work, failure, and frequent monotony that goes into that final moment. Whether a photographer, designer, painter, or a poet, those that create are risk-takers. Allowing others to partake in your creativity is vulnerable. Pieces of our soul are attached to the things we create.

After over a dozen seasons of Fashion Week, some of the luster has faded away for me. Getting up at 6:00a.m. for a 14 hour day of running around an icy city with sub 20 degree weather (in high heels) is not glamorous! Yet, what keeps me coming back each season is that lure of experiencing the creatives create.

Creativity begets creativity, and that is what I love about New York Fashion Week.

All images via Kat Harris of The Refined Woman



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