A day will come,
when you will trust the sun enough
to let it wrap you in its embrace
allowing your heart that is full of wounds
to be nursed back to health
while filling the empty parts of you with gold

You will stop justifying the storms
within you and will not allow any traveler
who tries to find a land to claim
find you as a foundation to build their home

You will learn
that healing will not be
biting into a flower and calling yourself soft

You will learn that being beautiful
will not mean
shoving parts of your being
that you have not accepted
down your stomach
to silence the voice who tells you
your thoughts do not match your face

But what you will learn
is to plant seeds
into the darkest parts of your being.

When the sun will worship you
And it fills you with light
you will know it’s time to kiss
your roots and grow love
from your heart till you blossom
lotus flowers on your wrists.

How you will heal

Images via Katie Kopan

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