wooden floor. chirping bird. slight tickle.
BIG smile. strings played. dusty books.
love rightly. grey beach. stripes sideways.
long corridors. risk. grass.
curtains pulled. leaf pile. running in heels.
candlesticks. water wading. dark sky.
smoke whirl. rain hard. fascinated goosebumps.
crisp books. fire ignite. tart taste.

i am lost in a story.
i think i fell inside an book open on the floor.
tromping in tall boots, unafraid;
wonder, spirit and belief pour into me.
fine feather thoughts float up and up
i venture through the grass, unabashed.

i see wooden signs; i choose the dirt road, it seems to lead home.

Gasping, I wake up, and inhale dissimilar air.
Someone shut the book; I smell the musty scent.
A foreboding feeling crawls over me; I look at the clock.
I remember what was said: “Of course its okay to daydream in fables,”
“We were made to live in one…”

Believe in the power of living yours.
Knitting your threads in colors only you would interlace.
Open the pages.
Slip into reverie: [rev·er·ie n, a state of idle and pleasant contemplation]


Photo Credit: Lovelies