A Lovely Arrangement // 5

A Note From The Editor: This is part of our A Lovely Arrangement series, which features inspiration and advice on creating beautiful floral arrangements using inexpensive supermarket flowers. Catch up on previous posts here.


Even though many people look down upon baby’s breath because of the stigma that comes with its cheap price tag, you can’t deny how pretty, affordable, and available it is. Baby’s breath is full of potential, just waiting for the right artist to bring it to life.
Price: $6

Source: Publix (southeast supermarket chain)

Tip: Try your hand at creating a baby’s breath installation for a special event, such as a wreath or a chandelier.
Image by Paige Jones

Allison is an Atlanta based stylist & florist with a love for creating and sharing beauty with the world. When she isn't styling a photo shoot or special event, you can find Allison creating flower crowns for her Etsy shop or spending time with her new husband.

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