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March Madness is typically a season for men to enjoy. Bromances blossom over beer and brackets as the 68 NCAA teams move to the “sweet sixteen” to the “elite eight” to the “final four” to the “NCAA championship.” Rather than begrudgingly surviving this “hoops fest,” is it possible that we as women might also get invited to the “Big Dance”? Please excuse the tournament terminology, but I am merely trying to immerse us all in the language of the season that is March Madness. While some of us are well versed and knowledgeable about the tournament, others of us could use some tips on how to engage in March Madness more wholeheartedly. So, how might we engage in this college basketball tournament in a way that helps us enjoy this season for ourselves and our relationships with the men in our lives?

Educate Yourself
No need to become a resident ESPN expert on each team and statistic. However, spending a little time educating yourself on the teams and their odds can provide context and help you become more invested in the process. The March Madness tournament follows basic protocol, however, a little bit of knowledge combined with personal preference can help you form a bracket that you will be excited about and invested in as every game comes to pass.

Complete a Bracket
While it can be easy to be intimidated by a lack of knowledge on how to strategically complete a bracket, filling in a personal bracket provides you with a vested interest in following the tournament and cheering for your selected team during each game. What is the good news? No knowledge is truly required. There is always a chance of an upset so picking your teams based on team colors or sentimental reasons could be just as effective. Rather than trying to drown out the noise of your March Madness fanatic in the next room, you can cheer alongside him or engage in some friendly competition if you have chosen opposing teams. Either way, you are guaranteed to have more fun!

Raise the Stakes
A small friendly wager such as a dinner out or avoiding chores around the house can make each game or the tournament as a whole a more exciting experience. Not only will the game be more thrilling, but engaging in friendly banter over a small bet can also be a fun way to enjoy the game and your relationship.

Throw a Party
Whether you enjoy a good basketball game or not, we all love a small party or a fun gathering with loved ones. If you’re a girl who finds it difficult to enjoy watching a good game, throw a party! Whipping up your favorite game food recipes or decorating for a thematic soiree while connecting with friends leaves room for a little something fun for everyone to enjoy during the game.

Plan a Girl’s Night
If none of the above ideas appeal to you, take the opportunity to plan some quality girl time and enjoy spending time with some friends that you may not see often during a few of the games. It’s always important for the men in our lives to have “guy time” and carve out some “girl time” for ourselves. March Madness may be the perfect opportunity!

If you are a girl who wouldn’t normally pay March Madness any mind, consider trying something a little different this year and enjoying the games in a way that will be fun for both you and your man. You never know how much you may enjoy the tournament when you take the time to learn a little something. You may even start a few new traditions to be enjoyed for years to come. So let the games begin!

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  1. Ironically one of my guy friends told me just a few days ago that I should fill out a bracket. I literally did not even know what he was talking about, never heard of it. And then this! What a great post. So thoughtful and practical. I’d love to fill out a bracket. How do you go about doing it?

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