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No matter how close of attention you to pay to the news, it isn’t hard to get the sense that our world is in a discouraging state. While it could be easy to tune out the bad and only focus on the good, in the long run that won’t increase the marks of character that we long to see more of: Courage, integrity, kindness, compassion, peace.

We especially want to see more freedom in our world, too, and so we asked our friends at International Justice Mission for some ideas that anyone can employ this summer if you’re wanting to fight for justice, but unsure where to start.

1. Read up.

As we craft our summer reading lists, why not add in a few reads that ignite inspiration to make a better world?  The more we educate ourselves about an issue, the easier it becomes to find creative ways to engage, as well as encourage others to do the same. Nonfiction books like The Locust Effect, Just Mercy, and Justice Calling or even fictional accounts like Behind the Beautiful Forevers and The Tears of Dark Water help to paint a picture of the challenges we’re confronted with, and the hope we can hold on to, as we seek to create a world where everyone has the chance to flourish and thrive.

2. Consume well.

It’s no surprise that we live in a culture engrossed in a materialistic, consumerist mentality. But quite often someone on the other end of the supply chain is paying the price for the discounts we receive. Make it a point to educate yourself about who makes your clothes, home goods, and food, and, if possible, try to buy from brands who are transparent when it comes to the labor behind their wares. Companies like Noonday Collection, Rose & Fitzgerald, The Little Market, Sseko, and Everlane make beautiful products that contribute to making a beautiful life for those they employ. It may cost you a little more to be a conscious consumer, but it will be well worth it to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing no dignity was sacrificed in the making of your new dress, linens or jewelry.

3. Spread the word.

There are more people held in slavery today than at any other point in human history. That statement alone should be enough to rally the world around bringing this crime to an end. But unfortunately, so many of the greatest injustices of our time go unnoticed and unaddressed simply because no one knows about them. If there is an injustice today that breaks your heart — whether modern-day slavery or lack of health care or the orphan crisis — tell your tribe, the fellow world-changers closest to you who you can count on to jointly take up the cause. Because unless we know, we can’t act.

…unfortunately, so many of the greatest injustices of our time go unnoticed and unaddressed simply because no one knows about them.

4. Give back.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make a difference in the global fight for justice is to generously give of our resources to organizations that are already doing good work. International Justice Mission is doing the hard work of justice day-in and day-out with grit, determination and compassion. By signing up to be an IJM Freedom Partner, you are joining in the work of freeing families from brick kilns, girls from brothels, and young children from the horrors of cybersex trafficking. Giving to a well-regarded charity or organization is a sure-fire way to make sure your dollars make a difference.

What are some ways you’ve found to make our world a better place?

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  1. A friend was sentenced to 9 years in prison, this is absolutely wrong,, what can be done ?

  2. On Feb 1st 2017 my husband and I was pulled over by one of the police officers in Leonard TX. The officer claimed that we were going 55 in a 50. He would not show use the read out though. The officer arrested my husband with in the first five mins of pulling us over. The officer claimed that my husband was driving on a suspend license from tx. At the time we believed that my husband had a valued drivers license from il. We later came to find out that it had expired but it was only a few mouths on his birthday. But his license was from il. He had no license in TX and just like he claimed he had not had one since he was 16. The officer called him a liar and refused to even listen to what he had to say. He then came to my side of the car. And told me to get out. To leave my belonging in the car. When I stepped out of the car he then made me lift my shirt in public the whole time saying that he was not allowed to do that. He asked me if I was on drugs and if there was drugs in the car I told him no. He asked me and my husband if he could search the car we both said no. He then decided that he was going to impound the car the car. I told him there was no reason that I had done nothing wrong. The car was mine I had a license and the insurance was in my name. He refused to allow anything but for him to be able to search the car. Not shortly after two more officers show up. One of the officers was called out to help the other one. One took upon himself to come up even though he was not on duty. And began to help the other officer dig through my car. The officer telling after they searched the car they were going to allow me to leave with the stuff in my car. The officer refused to give me my property. He said he had the right to search my purse. After two hours of them digging in my car they found nothing. The original officer that pulled us over took it open himself to walk up behind me and arrest me for disorderly conduct. I never cussed or threaten anyone in any way the whole time I spoke to the police. I called them by two names sir and officer. T They then brought out a drug dog to go throw the car. The police searched through the car when they were only allowed to take inventor. And when there was nothing in the car like I told them they arrested me and brought out a dog. When arriving at the jail they striped searched me and my husband. And still found nothing on us. The whole time that we were on the square the officer had called the tow truck. So the man was there the whole time. They let me out the next morning and gave my husband a 1500 bound. When calling the impound to find out how much it was going to be to get the car. The man said 588 in less than 24 hours. Because he was on scene so long. It took me eight days to get my husband out of jail. i have set it up so that I am having a jury trial. They changed the ticket that they gave my husband and gave him timed served. I did nothing wrong and in one night these men arrest my husband. Take my car and sexually assaults me not once but twice. I have the whole thing on recording to prove that it was a wrong full arrest.

  3. We live very much in our community as much as we can. From preparing meals for elderly folks on our street to helping children in a horrible trailer park to partake in healthier activity at libraries and parks to gently refusing to back down on our switching our yard to gardens and naturalized plantings.

    We vote with our wallet so to speak and will not patronize any business locally that uses illegal workers and help those workers find English classes and health care.

    Most of all? We simply do not ever shop at Wal-mart, ever!

    Then of course, there is the time spent at city council meetings trying to get funding for a skate and splash park, saving old trees and working with the Farmland Trust and Conservation agencies to protect wild lands and first growth forests. Most of our food is bought from local small farms and we grow most of our vegetables and soft fruits.

    So, the big wide world is focused on by a few carefully chosen charities for we want our ten percent working for people not the big LLC mega churches that abound around here and we simply do not attend any functions sponsored by them even with friends.

    It is very frustrating to see all the tax free money flowing into all these big faux places of worship and see how very little is used to make the world a better place!

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