I am Sleeping Beauty minus the sleeping and the beauty, but definitely with the


Write a note to yourself and stash it away for


Say a prayer. Wherever you are at on your spiritual journey, God wants you to talk to Him. This Christmas Eve night, pray for

Be a servant. This Christmas we will all most likely be around family or friends who have taken us in for the holiday. Make

Talk to the person next to you on the airplane. As many of us will probably be on planes this season, let's take this

Put away your cell phone while conversing with someone. It's harder than it sounds, but it also will make a bigger difference than you

Talk to someone at a party that is an "outsider." Some people are very shy and uncomfortable in social situations. Go out of your

Give a compliment. Many times we think something nice about a friend, or even a stranger, but don't tell them. Instead of letting that

Put others first. There are only a few shopping days until Christmas, and parking lots and malls are a scene of mayhem; people are on

Send a Christmas card to your kindergarten or first grade teacher. Yes it was ages ago, but with the amount of social networking sites we

Say "I'm sorry." Maybe you said something to a co-worker that caused a ripple in the relationship, and you both pretend it didn't happen.

Hug a person who you haver never hugged before. Yes, you may think it might be awkward, but it is worth it. Maybe you have

Treat a friend to a manicure or pedicure--or both! If your finances allow, go for the massage chair and foot soak as well! Also

Make a Christmas CD for a family member or friend. Pick some of the songs that make you cherish the holidays the most, and

Give away a book that has changed your life. You know that book that you absolutely loved

Go to the dollar store and buy items for “care packages” for homeless people. Keep them in your car so you can hand them

Write a handwritten card or note to a friend or loved one. If this person lives in your home, leave it as a surprise

Offer to buy or cook a friend breakfast. Try and pick a friend who is short on cash, or perhaps unemployed. One-on-one time is

Gather some friends together and sing Christmas carols at an elderly home. Some elderly people are completely alone during the holidays. Imagine their joy

Donate clothes to a local homeless shelter or charity.  It's always time to go through your closet and clean out the things you truly never

Buy a co-worker or friend a bunch of holiday flowers. Next time you are at the grocery store or driving by a florist, stop

Do the dishes for a roommate, husband, or family member. Go out of your way before they get home to take care of a

Call your grandma(s). Remember that your grandma was once your age, and that she understands more than you think she does

Bake or buy cookies for a neighbor.  Simply knock on their door and tell them you wanted to give them something sweet for the

This Advent Season, we want to challenge you to make giving part of your daily routine