Whether you’re an OG subscriber or are just clicking over to our website for the first time, here at Darling your opinion matters to us. Your voice is powerful, and in a world where it feels like every other media outlet is telling you something you ought to be, think or buy, we want to start the year off by getting to know you. 

The information that you share below will better help us understand the kind of content that resonates with you most and how we can create more of it in 2018. Your honest feedback is always appreciated.

Thank you!

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  1. Hi there, just took the survey and hope it helps.
    Just a quick feedback: you asked about relationship status. I clicked ‘living with partner’ because I’m definetly not single but we live in different flats, so… would be realistic to have something inbetween these options. Especially because the household income question comes after that. I realize that the survey is probably to give you a bigger, generalized picture of your readers but to take my thoughts a little further I am adding two more ideas. The kids question would also be more representive if it was about kids in my life and not only the kids one has by herself (i don’t have any, but my boyfriend does). And for a content starting point it maybe would be interesting for you in which life phase your readres are, like loss, being a caregiver, mother, getting financally stable, moving in with somebody, etc. (of course with an unlimited number).
    Ok this got long. It only means that I want to contribute.
    Happy 2018

  2. I don’t actually receive the emails even though I’ve subscribed a couple of times… but there wasn’t an option to N/A emails in question 8 about content preferences. So I put it where I imagined it might go! Just so you know. (Perhaps making it ‘what content do you see the most’ and then putting those options in order of preference might work somewhat better?)
    Anyway thanks for seeking out our thoughts!

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