In the previous article, 10 Resolutions for your Body, we looked at New Year’s goals for the body, now let’s take a look at some for mind, soul, and spirit!

1. Take in some culture. So often when we have free time, we tend to do the same old things. Find a band playing at a pub near you, explore a local art gallery or peruse a museum. Make it a date night or bring your best friends along. Explore what the art world has to offer.

2. Learn something new. Whether it’s a new language (hello Rosetta Stone), a new skill in the kitchen, or flower arranging, get good at something this year that you’ve been a novice at in the past. There are so many great online resources at your fingertips; the sky is truly the limit. I think I’m going to make soap and candles throughout the year for next year’s Christmas gifts.

3. Learn how to be alone. We are such social beings that sometimes I think we forget that it’s healthy and necessary to be alone from time to time. Take these rare moments and savor them. Pick up a good book to enrich and feed your soul. Write a letter and send it (or don’t–just practice putting feelings into words), or write a poem or a song if you’re musically inclined. Just make sure to carve out some “me time” this year. Your soul is longing for it.

4. Call your parents and/or grandparents more. There is no one in your life who will love you unconditionally the way these people do. They are the lifeline to your past and have (hopefully) been there for you during your ups and downs. They deserve your time and would love to hear from you. Even if it’s a five minute check-in, pick up the phone or drop a line, I don’t think we will ever know how much they’d appreciate it.

5. Volunteer. Find a way to give up some of your free time, even if you don’t have much of it. Help out at your church, volunteer at your local library or even just make dinner for a sick friend. It’s uncanny how good it will make you feel–even psychologists prescribe serving others as a way to relieve depression or anxiety!

6. Commit to growing in your spiritual journey. Make it a goal to read more about God, or even try and memorize an inspirational scripture verse. It may help you find peace in times of strife and comfort you in times of loss. It is amazing how when we memorize positive, life-giving phrases how they tend to pop into our minds in times of need. If you are trying to break a bad habit, or struggle with anxiety, find scripture that relates and commit to bringing it to mind. If you are just starting out reading these ancient texts, Bible Gateway allows you to search keywords that bring up related scriptures.

7. Remember to treat yourself. Exciting, isn’t it? Yes, it’s healthy to show how proud you are of you. Get a manicure, a facial, or a massage. Stay home on a Friday night and draw yourself a bubble bath with candles, a glass of wine and some soothing music. Get that dress you saw at Madewell last weekend. Just do something that is for you and ONLY you.

8. Make more time to pray. Whether it’s when you wake in the morning before the a.m. rush gets too hectic, before your meals, or when you’re in anguish..God wants to talk, he also wants to listen, which is great, isn’t it? Every worry, every “thank you”, every thought, He drinks it up. There’s never a bad time, bring it to Him.

9. Spend more time with friends. Host a movie night or dinner party…OR, how try not turning down an invitation because you’re too tired. Make the effort, and it will go a long way. Long distance friends or family? Have a bi-weekly Skype date on your calendar (and set an alert for it).

10. Incorporate random acts of kindness into your daily routine. So many ways you can go with this one. Help someone to their car if they’re older (or if they have a ton of kids), buy a stranger’s coffee, open doors for people. Look out for your fellow human, live by that Golden Rule and let kindness rain down.


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