Unattainable beauty, along with the idea that “ordinary” women are always in need of adjustment, and that the female body is an object to be perfected. Challenges cultural “ideals” of beauty and questions its exaggerated importance. Sees beauty in every type of woman.
Present a barrage of messaging about extreme thinness and dieting, making most women feel like they don’t measure up. Believes in being “fit,” yet sees “thin” in context of the healthiest version of you.
Over-sexualization and degradation of women in photos, ads and discussion. Promotes respect for women’s bodies in fashion and photography, seeing modesty plus excellent fashion sense as “sexy.”
Excessive use of Photoshop to manipulate women’s bodies in unrealistic ways. Never uses Photoshop to alter women’s faces or bodies.
Excessive gossip and exploiting the mistakes of celebrities. Features celebrities only in a positive light and never exploits their negative behavior.
Almost every item featured out of price range for the average woman, which promotes excessive spending to “keep up” with culture. Features clothing and products within price range of the average income, not celebrity income. Encourages saving and living within your budget.
Riding the fine line of self-destruction through promoting wild and dangerous living, not addressing the consequences of choices. Believes in bringing back etiquette, character and integrity, also focusing on increasing self-worth through living in more respect of your soul and body.
Shallow advice to real-life problems and a lack of depth about emotional health—promoting coping behaviors instead of lasting change. Offers tangible, deep advice on painful issues facing women such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.