In my eyes the bigger the handbag, the more independent and capable the woman.

If you need some interior design inspo, you found it.

She's an award-winning blogger, emergency department doctor and mother of two.

When you’ve been the victim of traumatic experiences, freedom can simply mean overcoming.

Four trends everyone looks forward to when the weather cools down.

It's ok. There are a lot of myths out there, so let's break them down.

An ode to the season we might just love the most.

Clothes with a conscience and the brands that make them.

How can you not feel happy when you're wearing one of these?

A scarf is one accessory that everyone can tailor to their personal style.

The current movement of slow fashion is resorting back to the ways of old; we think that’s why it’s here to stay.

Cool weather and crisp copper tones. Hello, fall.

That new pair of “perfect jeans” just became more affordable with Madewell's recycling program.

People are shopping online for everything nowadays, so welcome PLATFORM LA: the mall of the future.

Here’s a quick reference guide for Euro-traveling essentials that won’t break the budget.

Here are five fall staples you can take from your summer wardrobe.

Iconic designer Mara Hoffman speaks to what it really looks like for a brand to go sustainable.

We asked the founders of Cult Gaia and Belusso for their personal picks for end of summer travel.

Buying a blanket from Sackcloth & Ashes isn't like buying a blanket from just any other blanket company.

I think capsule wardrobes are a wonderful idea. However, I don’t think they are for everyone.

From Laguna Beach to Costa Mesa, these 8 brands are truly changing the world by bringing people together in impactful ways:

Dip-dyeing, also known as ombré, is an excellent way to revamp old clothing and it can easily be done at home.

Living in a tiny space? Guest Editor Erin Boyle shares why you should rethink the need for a couch.

Our picks for the best 4th of July decor from Target that you can keep displayed all summer long.

Guest Editor Erin Boyle shares the only bit of small-space advice that anyone needs. And it starts with employing a little bit of creativity

Our June Guest Style Editor, Erin Boyle, explains how a space can be transformed by one teeny tiny change that costs only pennies.

Its startup activity is over 50% above the national average. New Orleans is becoming widely known as the most inspiring city in the world.

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