I am convinced that this emotional dance is something supernatural.

What they are, how to spot and why you should probably stop using them.

Made in the spirit and vibrancy of this beautiful thing we call life.

To me, the road of design is full of adventure. I have no place of arrival.

True optimism is more than positive thoughts and high hopes.

There is hope of turning a self-pity party into a more freeing, healthy way of thinking.

It's fascinating how something so entirely personal can also be so wholly universal.

This Valentine's Day, let's try for a little humility and love for our brothers and sisters.

It makes me soul happy, it calms me down and it makes me feel like home.

Keep your creative muscles flexed by avoiding these easy traps.

I think my taste for these kind of buildings will never cease.

Here's to all of the extraordinary potential and bountiful crops our seeds will produce this year.

If we don’t stop for a few hours at the end of each year, then we’re going to miss it.

Having autism may be a huge challenge, but I will not let it define my strength.

5 ways they can make you better, not bitter.

There's a wealth of other holiday tune selections out there, just waiting to be heard.

I’m slowly learning that art is mostly birthed because of, not in spite of, struggle.

Thanksgiving is here and not a day too soon/ To lift the fog, to lift the gloom

There is a powerful freedom in doing something out of desire rather than out of obligation.

Because the truth is, we are creatures of limitations.

The toxic residue of the messy and noisy aspects of culture can take a toll.

If we wait to be perfect or qualified to extend a helping hand, then we never will.

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