Relationships are a bunch of trial and error to begin with, so we shouldn’t expect them to be any easier when they end.

There are days, no matter your situation, when all you can do is laugh.

No words are necessary when looking at the way they still look at each other.

Your marriage is too important to let the weeds creep in.

We all have the power (and responsibility) to make the Internet better.

It just might be one of the most powerful things we have to offer humanity.

If this is your current scenario, or may soon be your current scenario, don’t despair.

If you’re considering a major move, then I hope you’ll do it.

You'll spot him on set as the one cuddling the talent while sporting a diaper.

It’s not always easy being on the receiving end of praise.

"That's so nice." But, what does it really mean?

The Southern principles that I think have been part of my success and could be applied by anyone, anywhere.

Managing the expectations and anticipating the needs of others is a full-time job.

If you're in the midst of your own journey with infertility, here is what I say to you: You are not alone.

Indulge or suppress. These seem to be the two voices that scream the loudest in our dealings with “emotions.”

We love our pets. We also love these subtle lessons that they can teach us about life, too.

I was learning something I didn’t see coming. Before he was ‘Dad’, he was ‘Ricky.’ Before there was me, there was this place.

When friendships or relationships become distorted based on what we believe about them, how can we keep a perspective of truly attempting to see

If you need a way to say thank you to the father figure in your life -- in addition to the brunch, hug or

We know what people are trying to say when they make these posts, and we know we’ve made these very same posts ourselves in

When two people have been doing life one way and then begin the journey of marriage, differences will inevitably surface. You're not alone if

When we don’t meet our own expectations of what we believe a true confidant or a welcoming hostess looks like, we conclude that we

One of my favorite authors is Shauna Niequist, a writer who shares insight regarding relationships, community, and engaging with one another while gathered around the table, surrounded by food and drink and friendship. Niequist is a compelling storyteller who uses her own life as a platform for connecting with her readers in a genuine, intimate way.

One of her primary topics of focus is cultivating meaningful relationships and diving honestly and openly into a supportive community. She writes about this in her book Bittersweet when she expounds upon the topic of the home team:

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