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Should all vegetables be eaten raw? What's really bad about eating before bed?

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We can’t always stick to a perfect diet, but we can fill our pantries with better, less processed options.

A round-up of natural foundations so you can find the perfect base for your face.

In our smoothie-crazed health world, have we ever stopped to wonder if frozen drinks are really healthy for us?

Read on to learn four perks you’ll reap the next time you top your margarita pizza or pesto pasta with some basil.

There are countless fun and simple habits we can incorporate into our routines that strengthen our mindset and improve our overall well-being. Here

We're not saying everyone needs to toss their lip gloss ASAP. We are saying it shouldn't be a gold-standard for everyone to layer on

So what’s the answer to setting fitness goals we’ll actually achieve? It’s both simple and revolutionary: Think one week at a time.

Think you need to carve out hours of your morning in order to get a good workout in? We’re happy to tell you that’s not the case. FabFitFun shares some of the easiest ways to stay healthy (and get out of bed…) before getting to that 9-5.

Exercising before work may sound like death, but there are quite a few benefits to it. Working out helps wake you up, gets you mentally prepared for the day, and jump starts your metabolism. You don’t have to set your alarm for the crack of dawn to work out, though. Even squeezing in quick, under 30-minute exercises can counteract the hours you spend sitting at your desk job.

Try these five easy exercises in the morning before you head off to work.

As the weather warms up so does a desire to streamline our beauty and skincare routines. The simpler, the better, yes? Well, it can’t get any simpler OR better than this latest Chalkboard Mag advice. In our opinion, taking a cure from nature is always a safe bet.

Honey is so much more than just sugar, and the wide-reaching benefits of honey prove it. Everything about this golden goop boosts beauty, both internally and externally. We’re not ready to try the bee sting facial just yet (yes, that’s a real thing), but we’re more than ready to use honey – a potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory – for these three simple beauty ideas to get our skin purified, plumped and glowing!

Tan skin can sometimes feel like a right of passage into summer. Having that radiant glow is all about long beach days, late bonfire nights and weekend travels to be cherished for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, what doesn’t often get invited along for those memories is proper skin care. Whether we’re beckoning the rays with baby oil (I’m totally guilty of doing that in the past) or just neglecting any coverage at all, it’s damage to our body’s largest organ. Luckily, over the years, experts have developed innovative and completely natural products to keep us healthy and lustrous — without the danger of long-lasting repercussions.

As many of you probably are, too, we’re nuts about our nut milks over here. In an attempt to make of our favorite meals dairy-free, allergen-free and animal-free, almond milk has become a happy staple in our kitchens. But could a new milk — which, we admit, when we first heard about gave us pause — be … better?

It seems like we can’t run a simple errand — like grocery shopping — without being bombarded with a dozen choices requiring a dozen decisions that ultimately will affect our health and wellbeing. Thankfully, the Chalkboard Mag is here to shed a little light on a topic swirling with misinformation (and avoidance). Read on below to get the ‘skinny’ on all those skinny lattes.

WE VISIT our favorite coffee shop and order the usual: coffee with almond milk, no sugar. Instead, we reach for two packets of calorie-free sugar substitute. Good choice, right? Think again. In terms of long-term health, it’s possible that this small-seeming choice in sweetener comes with side effects.

According to CNN, a new study conducted by researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital reveals something we may have always thought, but never knew conclusively. Now, we do.

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