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Round two with Create + Cultivate! They’re back sharing some great advice with us on how to put your best (business) self out there. They’ve asked a few of (our favorite) pros to figure out what really goes into making a brand impactful, long-lasting and genuine. We’re sharing their thoughts with you, below.

Written by Arianna Schioldager:

We’re ever curious about what makes a brand successful — and if there are certain tenets that will always remain important, especially in the face of shifting technology. So we asked three of our previous Create & Cultivate DTLA panelists to share.

Nervous about networking? Completely understandable. Yet, thankfully Create + Cultivate is back sharing a few quick tips that even a master networker can brush up on. Read these before your next event and be sure to hit it out of the park.

Written by Arianna Schioldager:

While networking can always seem intimidating, it’s something all of our attendees have mastered on site and have been able to take advantage of for their own professional development, and you should too. If you’re looking for ways to brush up your networking skills, we’ve got you covered with the tips below to make sure you don’t lose out on any opportunities next month.

You may remember us teaming up with Create + Cultivate last year for their LA conference. Since they are such stellar providers of marketplace wisdom, we’re excited to continue that relationship and begin sharing noteworthy content from their blog with you here! Get ready for loads of practical advice for flexing those Achiever muscles.

Written by Celeste Mitchell:

If you think of the pages on your blog or business website like the squares of a Monopoly board, your “About” page would be Boardwalk. So valuable is this piece of virtual real estate, people come barreling through your front door like it’s a never-ending open house whether you invited them in or not. They’re intrigued! They’re curious!

So, what have you planted on your “About” page?

“The world is full of people who can talk your ear off about all the reasons they can’t possibly begin what they’re longing to begin. Let’s not be those people. Let’s start where we are.” -Shauna Niequist

I bet you clicked on this article for a few reasons. Perhaps you need that extra push to make the move from dreamer to doer. Maybe you simply desire opportunities for professional growth. Or, it could be that you feel compelled to learn about entrepreneurial success to reassure yourself that there’s hope for you and your small business. This article is step one for you.

With three degrees under her belt from Pomona College, Harvard and Stanford, calling Jane Chen an achiever is an understatement. Her incredible drive and work ethic, combined with her heart for social change and innovation resulted in her creation of the Embrace Infant Warmer.

After seeing a need for a more affordable and accessible way to save the lives of millions of premature babies without the use of an incubator, Jane sprung into action with her team of classmates from Stanford. Together under Jane’s leadership, they’ve built Embrace Innovations and Little Lotus to continue their mission to save these babies and families.

Clearly, we’re wine fans around these parts. There’s just something about a time-honored tradition, being reliant on the rain, the sun and the earth, and condensing years of hard work into one simple glass — all to better eat with, no less — that we can seriously respect.

What else do we respect?  When there’s a woman behind it all.

If you are an entrepreneur, you likely spend your time feeling like a cocktail of inspired + deflated, generative + stuck, or focused + scattered. Sound about right? You may be familiar with the reality that being busy is different than being productive, yes? You want to work smarter, not harder.

So, whether you work for yourself at home in your sweatpants, or are part of a high-profile startup hustle (or both!), here is a great way to maximize your productivity and clarity …

German poet Goethe said beginnings were burning invitations, and not to tarry. He urged, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

And like that, a million fridge magnets were born.

Don’t get me wrong, I love beginnings. I love how every April there are little yellow blossoms sewn on the forsythias outside my front window. I love how a New Year’s snow stretches out like a clean canvas and come September, I admit: I channel Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail and want to buy a bouquet of freshly-sharpened pencils.

But as romantic as starts are, I’ve learned firsthand, the hard way, that there’s also magic in a well-timed quit.

Close your eyes and think of a famous CEO.

You probably thought of Mark Zuckerburg from Facebook or maybe even Jeff Bezos from Amazon. Both men. And, its not that they arent great innovators and leaders, but it does raise the question: Why didnt a woman come to mind first? The answer is that Zuckerberg and Bezos had an idea, and ran fearlessly and confidently with it until they saw success, and that women typically struggle with self-confidence and fear.

At least, I know I have, especially when it comes to the workplace.

Many of us dream of making a big change one day. Whether we envision a career change, a relocation, or changing how we’ll spend our personal time, we imagine happier and more fulfilling futures for ourselves. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to feel connected to these imagined realities. We allow them to feel far off in the distance, safely tucked away under “someday.”

Too often, we de-prioritize our long-term goals and tell ourselves that we will make a change or learn a skill “when the time is right.” The actual tangible steps that need to be taken in order to create our desired fate take the back burner, and we allow ourselves to give into the comfort of staying put. Most often, telling ourselves that  it’s just not the right time yet  is how we grant ourselves permission to avoid taking risks. By allowing ourselves to believe that there will be a time when everything is  perfectly aligned for us to make that life change, we ignore our intuition and neglect our happier, future selves.

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