Winter can be a long, dark season, especially when you live in the land of endless snow. This time of year, it can be grey for weeks on end, the temperatures are sub-zero on a regular basis and the wind just cuts to the bone. It’s natural to look at this season as something to endure, a time of year to plow through and just barely survive, and hope against hope that our toes eventually warm up.

But no matter how often we give winter the cold shoulder in the hope that our disregard will eventually cause it to get the hint and stop dropping by, it continues to visit, year after year. So, you know what? I think it’s time for a new approach.

Stay on track with healthy eating habits and try these easy and delicious winter salads that are bursting with flavor, packed with nutrients, and will satisfy your hunger even on a cold winter’s day.

Below are Citrus & Fennel and Kale Winter salad recipes from PICNIC LAs Executive Chef, Alex Resnick. The newest team of Darling interns was recently welcomed with a brunch at PICNIC, and we’re excited to share a few bites that you can make at home, below!

Darling has been busy planning events all over California this winter season and we cannot wait to share them with you! It all began with an al-fresco Thanksgiving family style meal at our editor-in-chief’s home, continued with a holiday party in San Francisco with the lovely ladies of Women & Whiskies and culminated with our Winter Issue No.14 launch and holiday party in Culver City.

Let’s start off with a recap of the Darling Thanksgiving Dinner. (We know we’re a bit behind here, but we’re so thankful for this event and still want to share it!)

As someone who grew up in Minnesota and now lives in southern California, I’ve experienced winter in all of its forms — from harsh blizzards to mild rains to full-on heat waves. Yet, there are some aspects of this season that remain consistent no matter what part of the nation we reside in. Whether we live on snow-capped mountains or along sandy beaches, we all experience shorter evenings, lower average temperatures, and a subtle sense of pause around us.

Animals rest in hibernation, nature’s colors fade, and we, too, are invited to take on a slower, more peaceful pace. There is no better time for quiet reflection, for hopeful dreaming, and for all the best comforts of home. Whether we prefer to remain indoors and keep cozy or get outside and explore, there are countless opportunities to savor this season.

For a few ideas on how to get started, below is our winter bucket list. See how many you can check off!

In spite of what the cozy sweaters, knit beanies, and insulating footwear do for the rest of our bodies, no matter what winter always seems to leave our hands pretty worse for wear.

Maybe it’s because we’re glued to our phones instead of our mittens, or with all the baking (or germs!) going around we’re more apt to wash our hands and rub them dry. Whatever the case, we thought it’d be helpful to run to the drugstore and hit a few online retailers for you testing out which hand creams truly salve  the day. Curious? Keep reading!

Winter is upon us, now. The air hollows itself out, offering only cold and wind. The ground is freezing, slowing, and stalling its growth. Grass browns, trees harden. Earth, it seems, pauses.

Perhaps we would be wise to do the same.

Winter arrives, for many of us, in a bustle of activity: Holidays and more holidays, parties and more parties, gifts, clothes, decorations, busyness. Much of this is fun and exciting, but the reality is that after these holidays are over, we often find ourselves more exhausted than we were before.

What if, instead of getting caught up in the rhythms of everyone around us this year, we intentionally approached this winter with a decision to pause? To rest? To hibernate? What if we sought to take a cue from nature and slowed down this winter, instead of pushing ahead?

Chai is synonymous with fall, in our opinion. Yet, while it may be the spice of the season, it can get pretty repetitive when its just on repeat in a mug.

That’s why we asked Amy Rothstein of Brooklyn-based Dona Chai (a current favorite around the office for its subtle, not-too-sweet flavor) to put together a complete morning-to-night menu using chai in some rather inventive ways. Below she’s sharing four unique ideas to get the most out of this delicious spice.