To Know Thyself

In our current culture both personal branding and promotion have never been easier. With social media, for example, we’re able to invent and reinvent ourselves on a constant basis and,…

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The View From Here

Recently, I sat across my friend at an outdoor cafe in a trendy L.A. neighborhood. Beneath the twinkle lights in the trees, we plowed through fancy burgers and shared an…


Learning To Love My Hair

As women, since childhood we get the message loud and clear that how our hair looks matters. Most likely you can recall that Cinderella was a blonde, Snow White had raven…


Shame, You Can’t Stay

Shame is the intensely painful feeling that we are unworthy of love and belonging. —Brené Brown To experience shame is to be fully human; to at times feel inadequate, insufficient, inferior,…


Choosing Your Own Style

In today’s reality of an overwhelming stream of social media and a flood of blog posts, it’s no mystery that fashion trends are now established by popularity through our devices….

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Off Insta…

As a non-profit director and social media manager I currently oversee five Instagram accounts, so I spend a lot of my time in the world of hashtags and Instagram feeds….


Jewels That We Are

Honor your divinity. Those words reached my ears recently, completely resonating within. To “honor your divinity” is such a striking expression. But what does it really mean? One definition of the…


Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Many women in the workplace have a deep set of underlying beliefs that cause a great deal of frustration, tension and inner-struggle. As a coach who has worked with hundreds…


Resisting The Selfie Culture

The first time I posted a selfie on Instagram, I didn’t think twice about it. I looked good when I took it (or so I thought), and we all post photos of…


Fighting Our Financial Demons

It’s a slow, creeping feeling — one that starts in the back of your mind and slowly moves to the front. It’s not noticeable right away. And usually, by the…