It’s not everyday that you climb up onto a massage table, naked, with only a strategically placed hand towel covering parts of yourself that few other people should see.

It’s also not everyday that you stick out your tongue, have your pulse read, and receive a wealth of targeted health advice from a woman you’ve just met — all while sitting in a living room, a dog dozes at your feet, and dreamy assistants drift in and out from the other room.

There weren’t any white lab coats. No florescent overhead lighting. I heard a faint breeze instead of an intercom buzzer. As someone who had studied and prepared for a medical career for almost twelve years, I was having a hard time reconciling my environment. Just what exactly was Ayurvedic medicine? What was I about to experience?

Stress. A natural human response, stress is essential for keeping us out of trouble, but it can also cause a lot of trouble, especially when it becomes chronic.

Stress is allegedly responsible for 75-90% of doctor visits, and while you may not even realize that you’re exhibiting signs of stress, in this day and age, chances are … you are. With the average work week stretching far beyond the “standard” 40 hours, and more and more ways to remain plugged in at all times (here’s lookin’ at you, Apple Watch) it’s no wonder that we often have trouble unwinding.

While it’s tempting to reach for a glass of wine or a pint of ice cream to temporarily alleviate stress, there are many more effective ways of doing so, all without the side serving of guilt. Below are some healthy and simple methods to dealing with whatever life throws at you.