Let’s face it. One of the best things about winter is indulging in hearty comfort food and snuggling up inside. But months of fondu and hot cocoa without access to the great outdoors can lead to a little softness – often conveniently shielded from judging eyes by equally soft and snuggly sweaters.

As the seasons change and sweaters yield to swimsuits, many of us get the itch to get back out there and exercise. Running! Swimming! Biking! Suddenly, so many activities are available to us again, but after months of lethargy it can be difficult to know where to start. Yet, building a workout routine, whether for the first time or just after a long time, doesn’t have to be daunting.

To get the 411 on getting fit, we asked fitness guru and creator of VIPE, Marlies Korijn, to share her motivational secrets. Check out Marlies’ simple suggestions for kick starting your fitness routine this season. Then, stop reading and get out there!