Possibly Our Favorite Gender Reveal Ever?

We have big news over here at Darling!

Our Editor in Chief, Sarah Dubbeldam, and her husband, Steve, are having a baby! They originally planned on letting the doctor reveal the gender at their 20-week appointment, but then they found these fun balloons by Knot & Bow  to make it a surprise … and we’re sharing the video with you, below!

They bought a boy (green and blue confetti) and a girl (red and pink confetti) balloon and brought them to the doctor with two brown bags — one that said Yes and one that said No. They then let the doctor put the correct balloons in the corresponding bag. They filled the Yes  balloon with helium and caught the actual surprise moment on camera!

Yes, the cat was very scared (poor little guy)!

We asked Sarah what are three things that she hopes her future son knows about women and this is what she said:

1. That women are complex, so you have to be patient with them and seek to understand them, even if you are frustrated! They also need to be “heard” without a “fix-it” solution to everything they say.

2. That women are treasures, so you must respect their minds, hearts and bodies.

3. That women are powerful, so you have to work to point out their strengths and support them going for their dreams.

Congratulations, Sarah + Steve!

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  • Bee June 6, 2016

    Congratulations!!!!!!!! This is so exciting!

  • Tashah J June 6, 2016

    love love love the 3 things she hopes her future son knows. So sweet. Congrats Sarah!

  • Emma Johnson May 24, 2016

    This made me so happy! Congrats Sarah and Steve! Love you both, always!

  • Alexa Brown May 18, 2016

    Oh my gosh, congrats Sarah & Steve!!! So happy for you both!!

  • Richella Parham May 17, 2016

    Oh, joy!

    Baby boys are, in my opinion, the most wonderful gift in the world. Of course, I’m prejudiced, since I had three of them and no baby girls.

    I am so happy for Sarah and Steve. But I especially happy for the world which will now have a boy being brought up by such a lovely, generous, and wise woman as Sarah. Blessings to all!