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For 2017 we decided to freshen up Darling with a new face.

Our EIC's personal sneak peek inside our Winter Issue.

Even in one of the largest cities in the world, we're all in this together.

Can we go back? A full recap our our dreamy Photography Retreat in San Luis Obispo.

Fall, with a timely twist. Here's an exclusive sneak-peek inside Issue No. 17.

Here’s what Darling Photo Editor, Rebekah Shannon, carries around most often.

This spring, Darling hosted a three-part dinner series in collaboration with Lou & Grey in LA, Dallas and Chicago.

Here's what Darling Online Managing Editor, Ziza Bauer, carries around most often.

All the details from our beautiful Darling Dinner held at Hedley & Bennett's apron factory and shop in Los Angeles.

A recap of our second creative retreat held in the idyllic hills of Ojai, California.

We're teaching you all that goes into taking creative, unique and beautiful images for editorial and commercial use, and in a beautiful California location

Our most comprehensive sneak-peek yet. The exclusive look at everything in our upcoming summer issue, Darling No. 16!

Today our Director of Media Relations, Kyle Wood, shares her favorite article in our upcoming summer issue.

We're always curious as to what other women are carrying around inside of their bags. So here's a fun new series where we spill

Darling Executive Assistant Melanie Loon shares who inspires her most in Issue 16. Watch our latest sneak-peek video!

Darling General Manager Katherine Warnock shares what has her pumped for Issue 16 in this latest video.

Darling Online Editor Ziza Bauer shares what she finds most fascinating in this latest Issue 16 sneak-peek video.

Darling Visual Intern Cassidy Boatright shares what she's most excited for in this video about Issue 16.

With just a few weeks left until our ship date, we are so excited to release the cover for Darling Issue 16! This cover image radiates all that we’re hoping for in the coming months: Light, joy, warmth, energy and a healthy dose of the unexpected.

Issue 16 dives into something we might have a tendency to shy away from. Complexity. What does it look like to conquer some of those confusing, complicated or frustrating things in life? Can we find a sense of satisfaction apart from complete understanding? And is there beauty in doing so?

To explain why she’s so passionate about this issue, we’re sharing a word from our Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director, Sarah Dubbeldam. Watch her video below and find out how to get your hands on one of the first copies!

We have big news over here at Darling!

Our Editor in Chief, Sarah Dubbeldam, and her husband, Steve, are having a baby! They originally planned on letting the doctor reveal the gender at their 20-week appointment, but then they found these fun balloons by Knot & Bow  to make it a surprise … and we’re sharing the video with you, below!

We recently hosted our first creative retreat in the quaint and beautiful town of Carmel by the Sea, California. The weekend was absolutely incredible and filled with life-changing moments, authentic conversation and delicious food and wine. A picturesque stone house nestled in the cliffs overlooking the ocean was where twelve vulnerable yet fearless ladies called home for four rejuvenating days.

It’s safe to say that the weekend will not soon be forgotten.

With April’s arriving it might be time to replenish those items you curated out of your closet as a part of spring cleaning with some new summer staples, so we’ve partnered with HerCampus and Keepsake the Label to help you revive your wardrobe just in time for warmer temps. Enter here for a chance to win a $500 Keepsake the Label shopping spree and a 2-year subscription to Darling Magazine!

Read more, below …

Take a deep breath. Can you smell that? A slight crispness in the air, followed by a touch of jasmine that’s ever so sweet after the rain. Yup. Spring is on its way, and even though we’ve lost an hour, we’re gaining all that serotonin, vitamin D and those fresh blooms in its place.

Maybe that’s why we’ve been loving things lately that represent newness, delight and simplicity. Find out what these spring-infused products are, below.

There are times in life when things seem to align just right and something beautiful happens. This is how we feel about our latest issue — it’s one of our absolute favorites and we can’t wait to get it in your hands!

We’ve been fired up at Darling lately about the amount of women rising up in the world to create real change, which reflects the theme of this issue: Fierceness. Spring is the exact time of year to truly wake up, to realize our power, to be assertive, to let the sails go full force. In these pages you’ll find inspiring interviews, bright and bold photography (our cover and cover story was shot in Milan, Italy!) and deep essays that will really challenge your status quo.

Excerpt from Editor-in-Chief, Sarah Dubbeldam’s, Letter from the Editor:

 There are too many things in the world that need the touch of women — those that only our psyche can solve, that only her touch can heal, that only her intuition can decipher … may we open our eyes wider, not letting ourselves nod off to sleep, because honestly, we all must keep one another awake to the full if we are going to really leave impressions in the ground where we’ve walked.

Also, you’ll notice a new change in this issue—advertisements! Don’t freak out, we aren’t becoming a glossy mag [smile]. This was a congruent choice with the message of being fierce. Darling has a lot of work to do in this world, and in order to grow, to spread our message more, to do more good, we’ve realized we need to partner with other brands. We promise, they will always be pretty and things you’ll like, because we like them!

Want to see more of what’s inside Issue No. 15?

In late January, Darling partnered with Lululemon to host an evening of gratitude and connection. During a time when many are adhering to New Year’s resolutions, we wanted to join in this trend by hosting an event that brought like-minded creatives together to encourage, uplift and validate one another. A small group of hand-picked influencers gathered to connect in conversation about small changes that can be made to promote happiness within and around us.

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