Monthly Music Mix: A Year In Review


Every New Year people make evaluations of themselves and embark on fresh new trails and promises of positive changes to come over the next twelve months. So as 2015 settles in, don’t forget to give yourself credit for the year you just completed.

This month’s playlist pays homage to a year that was full of potential and talent, so we’ve digitally pulled thirty of some of the most noteworthy tunes released in 2014. While some of these are repeat offenders to the Monthly Mix scene, we just couldn’t resist including them anyway (but don’t worry, there are plenty of newbies in here, too).

It truly was a year of pleasant surprises – we saw a scruffy Irishman croon his way into our hearts, a pop icon and a garage band king join forces to create something beautiful, a band who has been going for years finally get the recognition they deserved, and had some returning champions hit home runs with new material.  2014, you shall be missed!

Listen on to relive the magic:

Image via Emmas DesignBlogg.

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