March Photo Challenge: Part One

We want to get to know you—our lovely readers—better, so we’ve decided to start a photo a day challenge. This is part one, which will take you through the middle of March. In the coming weeks, we’ll post part two. Will you join the fun? We sure hope so!

Just remember to tag #DarlingInstaChallenge whenever you post your photo (if you do, your photo just might be featured here on the blog)!

March Photo Challenge | Darling Magazine

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  • Reply March 3, 2013

    Anne Hacker

    I am just beginning to take photos.It is relaxing for me. I hope to be an ok photographer, and my photos have a nice ‘feel’. But I have no appropriate equipment for anything other than ‘snaps’ at the moment. I appreciate the photo challenge, and my creativity is starting to get going. Tks for your Competition. It gives me something to start practicing on.

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