Dressing Like An Adult


It’s no secret that your mid to late 20’s is a strange time. You’re no longer a recent graduate and the steady drone of work has comfortably nestled into its place in your life. Adulthood has been reached, and if you haven’t already, it’s time you start looking the part in a comfortable yet classy way. Rather than face an overhaul of your entire wardrobe, start small by maturing the items of clothing you wear the most frequently and that can be paired with widest range of accessories.

Beginning with these four basic essentials, you’ll be set in no time:

The Black Blazer

The black blazer is undeniably one of the most classic and necessary staples of a girl’s wardrobe. From corporate events to a dinner date with a girlfriend, it seals the deal with little planning required. When shopping for “the one,” stray away from embellishments. This includes epaulettes, cropped fits, and leather lapels. As you begin grabbing your blazer from the closet more frequently, you’ll find that less really is more. You won’t tire of it too quickly.

Boyfriend Jeans

Even beyond its current popularity, the boyfriend jean is an icon in itself. With just the right fit, it can promise you two things: major comfort and style. Its looser fit and tomboy aesthetic make it the perfect bottoms to pair with a feminine top and bold heels. There’s more room to be playful with your outfit when wearing these jeans, and who doesn’t appreciate that?

V-neck White or Black Tee

There’s something very feminine about a woman’s collarbone, and a scoop neck is the perfect way to show it off. Like a good black blazer, a tee can go with everything. Buried in layers of an ensemble to standing alone with a pair of jeans and heels, the tee can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what you have planned. Make sure to always hang yours dry after a wash — the key to maintaining a shirt’s texture and shape is avoiding the dryer.

Classic Flats or Sneakers

Every girl wants to feel confident in their height. So invest in a pair of shoes that embrace it. If siding with flats, go the extra step in reading reviews and making sure they don’t stretch out. You can have the best style in the room, but stretched out flats will cancel that out and leave you looking sloppy. If joining the sneaker force, keep your color pickings to black or white. Try to avoid going higher than a mid-rise, as high tops tend to look immature and are less practical. As with all shoes, make sure to go home with pair that is comfortable.

Image via Lucy Rose Laucht

Janet is the Creative Director and founder of Denim Refinery, an e-boutique and style site where customers can send in their denim to be customized with industry treatments such as waxing, distressing, or even laser printing (leopard is always a crowd favorite). Along with this service, Denim Refinery also offers a carefully curated selection of classic vintage denim that has been gently "refined," while still preserving the original aesthetic. This collection is also carried at stores around the country, like Totokaelo, Olive Austin, Kick Pleat, and Frances May. Through simple styling, Sung strives to maintain a timeless aesthetic for the brand, encouraging her customers to regard vintage as an equivalent to contemporary wear.

  • Victoria February 26, 2016

    I’d LOVE to know where to get this beautiful coat! What brand/style is it?

  • Emily March 28, 2014

    Respectfully disagree about high tops, as I am 28 and still wearing my black Converse, but I’m not fully an adult yet in a lot of ways.

  • Sabrina March 19, 2014

    I’m at this point in life and dressing like an adult has been on my mind a lot lately. Thanks for the tips, lovely and helpful.

    • Janet March 20, 2014

      Glad it resonated with you! It’s always nice to recognize the life stage we’re in, so we can act accordingly. Keeps us on our toes and ready for what’s to come!

  • Maria Porter March 14, 2014

    Thank you. Even a mature in age woman needs to be reminded of these things. It’s sometimes easier for me to give away the things I don’t wear rather than first taking the time to allow “fashion creativity” to have its say. Those boyfriend jeans… are coming out of the “giveaway” bag!

    • Janet March 20, 2014

      Go girl. Rock those boyfriend jeans better than the last time you remember wearing them!

  • Leslie Musser March 11, 2014

    This nod toward a put-together ensemble that looks effortless is perfect. Perhaps the most important note I draw from this is the need to feel confident in what you are wearing. Yes, be professional and presentable in attire, but do not stray so far from your overall comfort zone that discomfort shines through the way you walk/speak/act. In your twenties, the world is your oyster!


    • Janet March 11, 2014

      Always. Comfort = confidence. And confidence is its own form of style!