SARAH DUBBELDAM | CEO & Editor-in-Chief 

WHO SHE IS: I am responsible for steering the ship of Darling, for casting the overall vision for each article, creative directing each photo shoot and making sure all is delegated and executed to the proper departments. I am blessed beyond measure by a staff of women and men that define “Darling” in every sense of the word. I find my inspiration through people’s stories — the way they wear their hearts on their sleeves and exude passion through their eyes — each displaying a unique beauty that is theirs alone. When I’m not on a photo shoot or working in the office, I’m at home spending time with my sweet new baby, Judah James and gardening, painting or playing with my two tuxedo cats.

DARLING IS: A force of good with arms wide open, pulling women close into one deliberate hug and saying: “Hey, let’s rest here awhile and talk about how wonderful you are.”

CONTENTMENT IS: Thankfulness in everything, even the mundane.

Darling Team : Steve


WHO HE IS: As President, I handle the overall direction of the business, product placement in the marketplace and forward facing branding. I am passionate about seeing brands such as Darling positively move the needle in culture and make a personal impact in people’s lives. When I’m not working on Darling I am busy running my other company, Wilderness Collective, through which I take people on once-in-a-lifetime epic adventures in nature such as snowmobiling in Alaska, sailing to the Channel Islands, or riding dirt bikes through Yosemite. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and especially my wife Sarah and our new baby, Judah James.  

DARLING IS: A powerful force for good and a positive voice that stands out amongst the negative noise. 

CONTENTMENT IS: All about perspective, not what you actually have or lack. 



WHO SHE IS: I’m responsible for all of the photo-shoots that Darling produces. I hire photographers, models, hair and makeup teams, etc. When not working (though I love it), I enjoy kittens, babies, cupcakes and wine.

DARLING IS: A tool to change how women see themselves and help women to live with grace, kindness, style and a desire to grow.

CONTENTMENT IS: Knowing who you are and loving those around you out of peace and confidence.

teresa archer

TERESA ARCHER | Managing Editor

WHO SHE IS: I work my dream job, brainstorming and curating the content for Darling’s print work with Sarah Dubbeldam, as well as editing every piece for the quarterlies from start to finish. I get to search out, discover, chase down and work creatively with all of our authors as well as with our incredible team. When time is free I’m a super-geek, burrowed into new books, poems, art, and amazing humans. I also spend too much time planning dinners I don’t have the ingredients to make, and love my husband and daughters so much it’s silly.

DARLING IS: A reprieve, a hope, a stand, and a home.

CONTENTMENT IS: Not a goal, but a choice.

ziza bauer

NICOLE ZIZA BAUER | Director of Digital Content

WHO SHE IS: I develop and oversee all of Darling’s web-related content, seeking to create an online space for the reader to pause and remember what’s important for day-to-day life. When not behind a computer, you can find me trying to learn Italian, writing about food/travel or plotting ways to rescue every dog from the pound.

DARLING IS: That link to the good and true, creating a space to wander and still find worth in the journey.

CONTENTMENT IS: Remembering it’s all a gift.

cassidy boatright

CASSIDY BOATRIGHT | Visual Media Manager

WHO SHE IS: I am responsible for Darling’s online visual content which involves curating imagery for the Darling blog as well as managing all of our social media platforms. When not scrolling through Instagram for the best #DarlingWeekend captures or pairing the perfect photos with our original blog content, you can find me writing or playing music, listening to podcasts, or doing any type of creative project I can get my hands on.

DARLING IS: A friend. The kind that inspires, loves, challenges, and reassures you with her every word.

CONTENTMENT IS: Found on the journey of grace.

melanie loon

MELANIE LOON | Executive Assistant

WHO SHE IS: Right hand to Sarah, I assist the Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director. Having supported a few different areas at Darling, my biggest passion is welcoming our readers into the truth of who we are and who we can be together. When not wrangling Google Drive or the L.A. freeways, you might find me having coffee too late in the afternoon, rambling about a new article or geeking out over book cover designs.

DARLING IS: Everything that says, “I’m here with you.”

CONTENTMENT IS: A big deep breath — the chase for goodness, a priority for discernment and revelry in beauty.

Natalie Headshot

NATALIE HEMMATI | Fashion Editor

WHO SHE IS: I hail from the great white north and I have a deep and ever growing love for fashion, the art of styling, and creation in general. At Darling I have the honor of providing fashion direction for each issue and also styling a few of the editorials. When not on set, you can find me hiking through California’s undiscovered territory or peddling ocean side. My zest for life and inherent curiosity have instilled in me a lust for wanting more and leaving no stone unturned.

DARLING IS: The offspring of truth and beauty.

CONTENTMENT IS: Knowing that your past decisions have brought you to THIS present moment, while constantly drowning in excitement for tomorrow’s promise.

Photos by Emily Blake