Examining some of the main components to global and national oppression of women.

The brands and companies making us smile at the moment.

I once heard that Facebook is like the grocery store. Everyone goes, but not exactly to hang out.

When it all feels complicated, bring it back to this.

The idea itself isn’t groundbreaking or revolutionary, but it is worth taking note of.

If you're still unsure, here's an easy way to define it.

The DWC enables women to make the change they need, one step at a time.

Defining exactly what it is and exactly why it matters.

Tips for eating globally in your home kitchen.

Because "Where are you from?" can be a complicated question to answer.

"You just need to know what you want to say and who you want to change."

Happiness is to mean all should have a chance to find it.

Let’s stop thinking of small talk as a means to an end. Let’s make it a beginning.

Sure, it's an extra day off. But do you know why?

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