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City Guide: Ojai

Take Highway 101 north out of Los Angeles and in just under two hours you’ll find yourself in Ojai. It’s an idyllic setting paired with a charm still untouched by…


Turning Coffee Into Water: Amyie Kao

Ember Arts is a company partnering with women survivors of civil war, injustice, poverty and despair around the world. Through the sale of their beautiful collections of hand-wrapped paper jewelry, Ember…

Brittany Merrill Underwood 6

The Akola Project: What Matters

We all want our journeys to matter. No matter what our backgrounds, passions or aspirations, we have a fundamental human need to make some sort of impact on other lives….


Raven + Lily: A Diary of Guatemala

Raven + Lily is a lifestyle brand gaining wide recognition for their work with women in developing countries. We’ve loved what they’re about ever since featuring them here, so when…


City Guide: London

A city of culture and character, London was recently named the best city in the world. For me, it’s a magical place. Made up of various boroughs and with one…


Kickstarter To Watch: 40 Winks™

A Note From The Editor: While in the past it hasn’t been our policy to promote Kickstarter campaigns on Darling, we’ve been receiving so many amazing and inspiring product pitches…


Cure For The Travel Bug

When gathered in a group, my friends and I sometimes play a game as we wait for a meal or linger over drinks. There are different variations, but the basic…


When Plans Go Awry

I recently spent a week in the backcountry of the Eastern Sierras and it was in those few days that my type A personality got the best of me. The…

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City Guide: Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been ranked the most livable city on the planet, but, even if you don’t plan on spending a lifetime there it’s still worth a visit. Copenhagen is a…


Planning The Best Staycation

Summertime is quickly drawing to a close (did it fly by this year, or is that just us?!) but there’s still time to take a break from the hustle and…

traveling in twos

Traveling in Twos

Being apprehensive about solo travel, taking fewer family trips with mom and dad, or disagreements that can happen amongst larger groups are all potential reasons why we might be prevented…