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Spring at Dawn

When we wake, we have a choice: To see the day with blue-sky eyes And new-leaf hearts Or smoke-cloud vision And cracked-earth souls To taste on the tip of our…

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Finding Time for Play

Remember what it was like to be a child, running around without a single care or concern? Though it wasn’t too long ago, it sometimes feels as if it were…

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Give Her A Listen: TRACE

We don’t do this often, but in the case of Kickstarter (to which we owe the production of our very first issue!) we felt it necessary and incredibly exciting to share…


50 Ways To Love Life

Life’s simple pleasures are often swept away with such busy and hurried lives. Stress, being the captain that rules most things, can easily talk us out of doing the things…

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Give Her A Listen: Joseph

Today we’re pleased to introduce you to the hauntingly beautiful, yet incredibly inspired sounds of Joseph, three sisters from the Pacific Northwest who quit their nannying jobs to take to…


Taking The Perfect Portrait

Portraiture has always been an important way for humans to remember a person. Even dating back to ancient Egypt, individuals who served some level of importance in the culture were…


How To Actively Pursue Your Dreams

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, encourages and challenges women to actively pursue their dreams in her New York Times Bestseller Lean In. The executive thrives in her career…


What Your Handwriting Reveals

Hidden in wide loops and tilted letters are hints of our personality and quirks. Graphology, the study of handwriting, has been used to mine these characteristics and attitudes for centuries….

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Give Her A Listen: Paris Carney

We are so excited to share with you dreamers the newest release from singer/songwriter Paris Carney. A woman who seeks to uphold true femininity with strength, integrity, and that certain…