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The Myths of Acupuncture

Many think of acupuncture as a mystical healing practice meant only for those who are older or who have exhausted other avenues of treatment for serious illnesses. Acupuncture is, in…

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How To Get Wintertime Beachy Waves

Much of what the dreary winter months consist of is a surplus of slush and frigid temperatures. If you live anywhere outside of California, you understand what these dry, cold…

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Two Left Feet: Chapter VI

Losing My Balance, Keeping My Time When I set out to learn to dance, it was to do so as a layman — to integrate dance into my everyday life….


For The Love Of Fats

It’s Fat Tuesday, and while fat days generally get a bad rap; this one is all about celebrating!  The same should also goes for dietary fats. Vilified for years, we’ve…


Two Left Feet: Chapter V

In anticipation of the new year and all kinds of New Year’s resolutions, I’m in the midst of a resolution I made four months ago. And, like most resolutions at…

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Two Left Feet: Chapter IV

Learning to Listen: My First Injury In this journey to reconnect my body and my mind through dance, I’ve become increasingly aware of the ways they’re still unaligned. Take life’s…


Lavender Dry Shampoo DIY

As a woman with fine hair, the second I tried dry shampoo I was swooning. Not only was the oil gone, but my hair’s texture was the stuff of dreams….

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R&R at Chicago’s Cowshed Spa

It may sound cliché, but taking a personal breather at the spa can really serve to clear one’s mind and alleviate exhaustion on all levels. As a mother of two…


In Defense Of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates. To some, this is a word that invokes happiness, while in others it invokes complete disdain. Over the past few years carbs have gotten a really bad reputation, yet…