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25 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Whether you’re thinking about a little refresher for health or home, we thought this article from The Chalkboard was a timely case for…

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What Is Beauty?

We’re thrilled to give special attention to an exclusive feature appearing in Darling Issue No. 11. It centers around a very important question: What is beauty? It’s a question hitting…


The Myths of Acupuncture

Many think of acupuncture as a mystical healing practice meant only for those who are older or who have exhausted other avenues of treatment for serious illnesses. Acupuncture is, in…

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How To Get Wintertime Beachy Waves

Much of what the dreary winter months consist of is a surplus of slush and frigid temperatures. If you live anywhere outside of California, you understand what these dry, cold…

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Two Left Feet: Chapter VI

Losing My Balance, Keeping My Time When I set out to learn to dance, it was to do so as a layman — to integrate dance into my everyday life….


For The Love Of Fats

It’s Fat Tuesday, and while fat days generally get a bad rap; this one is all about celebrating!  The same should also goes for dietary fats. Vilified for years, we’ve…


Two Left Feet: Chapter V

In anticipation of the new year and all kinds of New Year’s resolutions, I’m in the midst of a resolution I made four months ago. And, like most resolutions at…