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3 Books to Propel You to Greatness

As part of our School Year Resolutions we’ve dedicated ourselves to doing a little bit each day to improve our lives, right? Both in the workplace and at home. One way…


What To Do If You’re Nervous

When I was in the fifth grade, I had a very strict and challenging teacher. A few months into the school year I started having to stay home from school…

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Los Angeles Women Entrepreneurs, Part I

There’s no question that women’s entrepreneurship has hit a tipping point in recent years. Today, women lead one in five startups around the globe. What’s behind the surge? Largely organizations committed…


Getting Your Attention / Part 6

How do we prioritize what really matters and ensure that our top responsibilities receive A+ effort? See below for three more ways to help keep our minds focused, allowing us…


Making School Year Resolutions

Though many of us are no longer heading back to the classroom this fall (and instead continuing the daily grind at work), there’s something about the beginning of a new…


3 Ways to Ignite Your Brain

We spend over half of our waking hours each week working. While the dream is to be on fire and fully inspired every minute, the reality is that for many…


Budgeting vs. Socializing

Whether our time spent catching up with friends involves weekend brunches, after-work drinks, nights out, or all of the above, maintaining a social life can be expensive. In fact, it…


Getting Your Attention / Part 5

September is the perfect month to refine your goals and with them, your focus. Let’s continue setting distractions aside and reigning in our attention. 13 . Become An E-Mail Master…


Putting A Rest To Competition

I’ve always been competitive. I never understood why anyone would want to play a game or sport “just for the fun of it.” My philosophy is that if I’m going…


Getting Your Attention / Part 4

Resist distractions and “be all there” with these tips: 10. Write With Write Room Microsoft Office is excellent for a lot of things. Staying focused, however, is not one of…


Getting Your Attention / Part 3

Hone your attention and get more accomplished with these distraction fighters: 7. Your Best For The Day’s Worst When the workday “does it’s worst”, tackle it with your very best….