The Achiever


3 Ways to Ignite Your Brain

We spend over half of our waking hours each week working. While the dream is to be on fire and fully inspired every minute, the reality is that for many…


Budgeting vs. Socializing

Whether our time spent catching up with friends involves weekend brunches, after-work drinks, nights out, or all of the above, maintaining a social life can be expensive. In fact, it…


Getting Your Attention / Part 5

September is the perfect month to refine your goals and with them, your focus. Let’s continue setting distractions aside and reigning in our attention. 13 . Become An E-Mail Master…


Putting A Rest To Competition

I’ve always been competitive. I never understood why anyone would want to play a game or sport “just for the fun of it.” My philosophy is that if I’m going…


Getting Your Attention / Part 4

Resist distractions and “be all there” with these tips: 10. Write With Write Room Microsoft Office is excellent for a lot of things. Staying focused, however, is not one of…


Getting Your Attention / Part 3

Hone your attention and get more accomplished with these distraction fighters: 7. Your Best For The Day’s Worst When the workday “does it’s worst”, tackle it with your very best….


Getting Your Attention / Part 2

Here are four more ways to continue owning your attention and resisting distractions. 4. The Golden Rule Of Attention This is the golden rule of attention: Interrupt Others as You’d…


Why Lists = Rest

It’s no secret that we are living in a fast-paced world. It seems as though every new invention is designed to help us do things quicker and more efficiently than…


Getting Your Attention / Part I

Quick. Check your pockets and your purse. Take a look all around you. Check under the cushions and retrace your steps, because something very valuable is being stolen from you….

Soul Powered

Love Your Way To The Top

Business is too often about fear: fear of the bottom-line, fear of competition, fear of being enough. But, as Maya Angelou said: “Have enough courage to love.” As we see…


Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Many women in the workplace have a deep set of underlying beliefs that cause a great deal of frustration, tension and inner-struggle. As a coach who has worked with hundreds…


Digging for Gold

They set out for a better life. They trudged through the plains and Rockies with an ax over their shoulder or metal pans in their hands. They climbed the California…