As a female business owner, lately I’ve been delighted at the amount of women in business that are gathering together to assist, connect and uplift one another in their diverse ventures.

Recently, I was invited by Stilettogal (a media company targeted towards Millennial women in business) to attend the first of an event series called Digital Diva. The event brings in speakers and panelists from various industries to teach women how to build their brands online. On the invitation I noticed that Glamsquad was going to do complimentary hair and makeup touch ups before the panel started, which was just icing on the cake given that we were also privileged to hear from two very successful women: Marleine Pacilio, Director of Digital Global OPI Products and Katie Ann Rosen Kitchens, Co-founder of FabFitFun.

After grabbing a cupcake and a lovely glass of white wine, I settled in at my table with open ears to learn from this fabulous panel.

Growing up, I wanted to be a professional figure skater — wait, who didn’t? I would watch the likes of Oksana Baiul, Nancy Kerrigan and Kurt Browning (whom I loved because he has my same birthday) and my heart would soar with dreams of becoming an elite athlete.

There was something about their confidence, the beauty of their talent and elegance that drew me in. In 7th grade, I decided to get serious. I told my mom I wanted to be homeschooled in order to take figure skating lessons every morning at 6am and ballet lessons in the evening so I could become a competitive skater.

Compete I did. Make it to the Olympics? Not really … but it’ still a secret skill that I can bust out around the holidays on the local skating rink [smile].

Planning for our first big “adventure” to Europe, my husband and I expected to find an easy way to jump to and from the seven countries we wanted to visit with ease. Not “planners” by nature [smile] we of course waited until our flight date was two weeks out to even start laying our plan.

But after one night on the computer, we were quickly overwhelmed with so many options that we wanted to give up and “just figure it out when we got there.” What ever happened to travel agents and choose-from-a-five-option-menu?

But then we found Eurail. If you go to their website, they have several (but not too many) travel options between most European countries by train. We found a route we liked, pre-chose all our departure times (you need reservations) and went for it — done, easy. Choosing backpacks over suitcases so we wouldn’t be lugging rolling bags (my pet peeve is their dysfunctional wheels), we got the tickets in the mail, booked a few hotels and airbnb’s five days prior, and flew over the ocean.


wooden floor. chirping bird. slight tickle. BIG smile. strings played. dusty books. love rightly. grey beach. stripes sideways. long corridors. risk. grass. curtains pulled. leaf pile. running in heels. candlesticks. water wading. dark sky. smoke whirl. rain hard. fascinated goosebumps. crisp books. fire ignite. tart taste. i am lost in a story. i think