When most people hear about Medellín, Colombia, they immediately think about Pablo Escobar and the infamously violent drug cartels that have shaped the country’s history. But when the California based company Richer-Poorer said they were gathering a bunch of “honest hustlers” (I’ll explain that term in a bit) to go down to Colombia with a travel company called El Camino Travel – of course, I was thrilled to be a part of it.

What set out to be a group of like-minded strangers coming together to meet their Colombian counterparts turned into a trip that left the 13 of us inspired, changed, and forever captivated by the city of Medellín. The following were three lasting impressions this amazing adventure gave me:

Although summer is rapidly coming to a close, we seem to find ourselves with no shortage of warm evenings for backyard barbeques.  They’re the perfect excuse to call your friends and keep the easy-going, summertime feelings lingering on well into September. These laid-back and (sometimes) last minute gatherings go best with some refreshing cocktails, especially using — get this — wine!

Here are three quick and easy recipes for you to throw together on these warm afternoons that will have you looking like the master mixologist of your circles.