A Note From the Editor: As we’re inundated with news headlines with every passing day, hour and tweet it seems, we thought it would be helpful to begin curating select news stories here for you that bear particular importance about the world we live in and the people who shape it. It’s easy to consume; it’s a lot harder to stop, process, and think critically about what’s going on around us. 

We hope this series opens the door for conversations to develop and for voices to be heard. We encourage you to share your own thoughts on the stories shared and suggest new ones for us to feature in the comment section below.

Anything light, airy, fresh, and inspiring. It seems as if our current favorites are mirroring the season this month, because that’s what we’ve been surrounding ourselves with and are excited to share with you now, too! Below we’re rounding up several products that would make perfect additions to a bridal shower, graduation or a birthday gift.

… and we’ll look the other way if you throw in a few extra for yourself:


Avocado and quinoa with roasted corn and jicama succotash. Roasted free range chicken with herb aioli and pickled red onions on toasted ciabatta with a side of chipotle BBQ sauce. Local kale, crispy wheatberries, and grape tomatoes with a lemon parmesan vinaigrette. Vegan Banh Mi with marinated tofu, housemade sweet chili sauce, pickled daikon & carrots, cucumbers, jalapenos, and cilantro.

We know. It’s lunchtime, you’re starving, and if you’re lucky there’s a Mendocino Farms nearby where one of these menu items is easily within reach. As soon as you enter one of Mendocino’s Southern California locations, however, you’ll immediately notice that you’re about to get more than just a sandwich. You’ve walked into a company that values people with as much attention as they put into their pickle and dill potato salad. Which you should definitely do yourself a favor and try.

We had the chance to sit down — over lunch, of course — with Mendocino Farms co-founder Ellen Chen. Below she sheds new light on the term “customer service”, as well as offers some encouraging insight as to what women can uniquely bring to the hospitality industry. Ready to break some bread with us?

A Note From The Editor: While in the past it hasn’t been our policy to promote Kickstarter campaigns on Darling, we’ve been receiving so many amazing and inspiring product pitches that we’ve decided to open the door for submissions, and will be selecting one campaign to feature every quarter! If you have an upcoming Kickstarter campaign that you’d like to submit for our summer selection (June – August) please send an email to blog@darlingmagazine.org with “Kickstarter Submission” in the subject line.

Today we’re sharing a special Kickstarter campaign that has Darling ties. If you’ve enjoyed Heather’s hilariously honest, yet humble foray into the world of dance, watch below to find out what’s coming up next during her year of learning.

Without her, very simply, we wouldn’t be here.

Though everyone has a unique relationship with their mother, this Mother’s Day we wanted to hear from spouses, children, and mothers themselves about the joys, challenges, and special gifts that this bond brings. We hope that this three-minute video below reminds you of the mother-figure(s) in your own life, and that you make it a point to thank her (and them) today.

Happy Mother’s Day.


His words grace our 11th issue of Darling, and we couldn’t be more excited or inspired by the way Tyler Knott gives life to each one of the Darling personas.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tyler to get inside the poet’s mind, discovering just how and why his way with words has global audiences captivated. Read on to learn more about what he thinks poetry really is, how he found his passion, and how he continues to foster it.

A Note From The Editor: Already fans of Meghan Markle thanks to her role on Suits, we’re even more impressed by the down-to-earth approach she brings to her beautiful website, The Tig. We’re excited to begin sharing a few snippets of how to find that joie-de-vivre so clearly evident in each Tig post here with you, as well, so be sure to stay tuned for what’s to come (later this summer!) with the Darling x The Tig!

Ah, the layered look – first it was a cascade of cropped hair à la Jen Aniston in Friends, then layering clothes à la the Olsen twins (shrouded in endless fashion staples draped one atop another) … and then, of course, there was jewelry. You remember purchasing the multitude of covetable chains last year –  trying to ensure they were all the perfect lengths/widths/moods, only to look down and find your meticulously placed baubles tangled up in knots?

Full disclosure: Seeing as how there’s always something new popping up in the beauty industry, it takes a lot for us to stop and really take notice. While we’ve known for awhile now about the amazing benefits behind fermented foods and teas, (kombucha, anyone?)  we were genuinely impressed to meet Carla Oates of The Beauty Chef and to learn about her inventive line of fermented skincare products.

We know what you’re thinking. So continue reading to learn more about Carla and her inspiring twist on developing this healthy kind of beauty … the kind where you glow from the inside out!

(And by entering our giveaway, you may be able to score some product for yourself!)


Hormones are an integral part of our health and wellness, no matter what our age or gender might be. Since so few of us really know what they do or even what some of them are called, we found this article from health-savvy The Chalkboard so important and informative. Continue reading for a biology lesson that you’ll actually enjoy … and won’t be tested on. 

From The Chalkboard:

They’re not just a system that goes crazy when you’re pregnant or that is depleted when you reach a certain age. We all have functioning hormones – a vital and complex system kept in balance by some of the most basic tenets of good health.

This list is from Dr. Sara Gottfried‘s new book The Hormone Reset Diet. Here, Dr. Sara outlines each of the twelve metabolic hormones, how they function, and which aspects of our health they affect.