Amra Beganovich and Elma Beganovich are two sisters and digital influencers with a following of 1.5+ million on social media. They have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, like Make Up For Ever, Dr. Marten’s, Navitas Naturals, and Daniel Wellington.

The girls left their 9-5 jobs, Amra, an economist working on World Bank Projects, and Elma, a Georgetown attorney working in international arbitration, to turn their hobbies into a career. Together they are the founders of, their personal lifestyle blog, and, an invite-only blogging platform dedicated to high quality content.

Both are based in Manhattan, so we caught-up to get an inside scoop into their style secrets, including how to elevate your style while keeping it simple and polished.


A Note From The Editor: We recently had a friend of Darling, Kelsea Olivia, attend the Axis show in New York City. Below she is sharing her recap of the event and some of her favorite brands and designers that she wanted to share with us!

All three days of Axis at Pier 94 in New York City were filled to the brim with meaningful connections, exposure to new and exciting makers, as well as several sneak peeks of spring collections from some well-loved brands.

Throughout the experience, Axis provided the perfect environment to create new and worthwhile relationships — as well as experience the tangible work from a wide range of creative makers of beauty products, home decor and goods, women’s apparel and accessories.


A Note From The Editor: We are very aware that the words we publish in this space and in our print issues have power. Even more so, we’re in awe of how your words, our dear Darling readers, keep us encouraged and motivated in the mission to redefine what true beauty looks like — in the media and in culture — so that all women everywhere can feel known, loved, whole and worthy. We want to start sharing these words with you as well, because YOU are the real voice and agent of change.

From Darling reader Jessie McShane:

A few weeks ago my good friend Wynne, from La vie Charme Events, and I got together at a cozy pub in Minneapolis for what started as a casual happy hour to catch up. The evening was full of talk of exciting collaborations, wedding recap (Wynne had just gotten married in Canada), and business ventures. Wyn and I are both big fans of Darling Magazine so while on the topic of one of their more recent posts about Turning Your Passion into Your Profession we found ourselves talking about how we really wanted to get to know some of the local Minnesota women working towards their passions on a more personal level.

Lawyer. Scholar. Co-Founder. And licensed Q Grader. Noushin Ketabi could embody any number of our personas, but it’s because she’s harnessed all of her talents to better the lives of coffee farmers in Nicaragua that we’re highlighting her work as a true Explorer today.

As founder of Vega Coffee Noushin works with local Nicaraguan communities to help them become entrepreneurs themselves and learn the business model behind coffee production. In the process, she’s also bridging the gap between farmer and coffee connaisseur through Vega’s coffee subscription service. If you fancy a cup, or a healthy serving of inspiration, continue reading for more of Noushin’s story and to learn how you can play a role in it.

A Note From The Editor:  We’re back sharing more content from FabFitFun. Today they’re offering up some wisdom on an age-old problem: Having nothing to wear. We like how they keep it simple and stress the importance of taking care of pieces that you already own and encourage you to get a little crafty. For more fashion, health and wellness articles, be sure to pay a visit to their magazine, too! 

We all wish that we had a personal stylist helping us get dressed and shop for outfits for us. However, only the rich and famous get to have a glam squad at their beck and call. Lucky for you we’ve come up with a few ways to make it look like you’re constantly reviving your wardrobe all the time without changing a thing.

Get ready to shop from your own closet.

 This post is brought to you by Target Style. Shop the new Beauty collection in stores and online.

Ok, so we many not be mixing up real  potions, but fall is the time to experiment with the unexpected, out of the ordinary and slightly wacky. And rather than get crazy with chemical-laden face paint, we thought we’d get creative and treat our skin to some natural treats instead.

Since Target now carries some of our favorite carrier and essential oils — which we were pleasantly surprised to discover is not a trick! — we trolled their aisles to see what interesting ingredients we could find and what health benefits they could afford us.

Below we sharing our findings and including a few recipes for you to get brewing, too!

If we could live inside the recipe pages of Chalkboard Mag, we would 100%. They have the most inventive, mouth-watering, and — best of all — healthiest dishes available at the click of a mouse. Today we’re sharing one of their recent fall-infused creations, because in LA in October we’ll get autumn any way we can. Enjoy!

WE LOVE OUR zucchini and spaghetti squash, but we’d be lying if we said we were anything but over-the-moon that kabocha, butternut, and other non-summer squashes are slowly coming back in season! Although called “winter squash,” seeing these babies back on farmers market stands is an unofficial signal that the hottest months are behind us and autumn is on our heels.

This recipe from green goddess Candice Kumai’s new cookbook Clean Green Eats uses roasted kabocha squash atop a bed of hearty kale leaves and quinoa – a perfectly balanced lunch or dinner, if you ask us. Get cooking on your new favorite fall recipe.

Just because your favorite beanie or wide-brimmed hat might be easing into constant rotation, cooler temps don’t have to limit the creativity you employ with your hair. Below we’re sharing a simple braided bow brought to you by the same talented lady who taught you how to master this summer’s braided crown.

Read on for Cara McLeay’s easy step-by-step hair tutorial that we think would perfectly dress up anything from sweater to sweatshirt.


In a world that’s leaving so little to remain untouched or unexploited, we’ve been so refreshed and encouraged by Tory Jones.

Not only does her company, Ixchel Triangle, make some of the most beautiful, unique bags that we’ve seen in along time, but after getting to know her story and the mission that gets her out of bed in the morning, we’re hoping hers is a business model that others can take note of.

Read on below to learn more about Tory’s bags, the stories they are woven from, and how they are helping to change lives in Guatemala.

A Note From The Editor: Seth Godin is known the world over for his astute marketing and business advice, and we find his writing so rich not just because he’s smart, but also because he has a way of tapping into cultural cues that better help us connect with society, and thus, create better products and provide better services. When we read one of his latest articles, we knew we had to share it with our audience, here. This short entry from his mailing list hits on why we are so passionate about what we do at Darling. We want all women to find their voice. We want all women to realize the lie that says “you are not enough” and to begin to take back the confidence that Photoshop and advertising have slowly won away. Read it and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Stop for a minute to consider those magazines that stack up like firewood at the doctor’s office, or that beckon you from the high-priced newsstand before you get on the airplane. The celebrity/gossip/self-improvement category.

  This post is sponsored by Cotton Incorporated. Find your cotton favorites here.

We all have those classic pieces that can save an outfit (or a mood) in a pinch. Usually made of cotton, they’re versatile, worn-in and hold a prized position on our hangers. It’s always interesting to learn what those items of clothing are for different people, especially when they’re pieces you might not expect, so we thought it’d be fun to visit the closets of a few of our Darling staff members to learn what those can’t-live-without items are … and why.


The wave of ethical fashion and socially conscious companies continues to rise, which is something that we can’t encourage more. We love highlighting these brands, not only because we can feel good about spending wisely, but also because we get the opportunity to connect with the hearts of founders who have been so moved by experience that they’ve been willing to reorient their entire lives to improving the ones of others.

One such women is Carly Burson. After holding her adopted Ethiopian daughter in her arms, Carly was struck by how often circumstances prevented a woman from being able to care for a child. Carly has since made it her mission to create full-time jobs and to instill confidence and hope in women through Tribe Alive, a marketplace where jewelry, accessories, weekender bags (which we love) and more are made by artisan partners across the globe.

Below, we’re sharing more of Carly’s story and why she believes that women, in particular, hold the key to changing the world.

Switching gears with the upcoming autumn season, we’re envisioning cable knit sweaters, breezy cobblestone streets, and sparks of creativity as we sharpen pencils and chase dreams.

And the sound of BOY adds in the perfect soundtrack for such imagination.

The BOY duo of ladies Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass have recently released their second album, “We Were Here,” and we can’t get enough of their inventive melodies, creative visuals, and all-around let’s just stay curled up journaling in a Parisian cafe  vibe. We’re sharing the video to their album’s title track and we invite you to give (them) a listen, below!

Spend five minutes reading her blog and Emily Henderson will quickly feel like the best friend you’d want to spend an entire day binge-watching TV and having heartfelt conversations with.

Spend five more minutes reading her blog and you’ll soon scrap that idea in favor of wanting her to come over and redesign every single nook and cranny of your home.

Emily has a level of design genius that’s nothing short of inspiring; she’s able to turn clutter into chic and something generic into something perfectly original. We were fortunate enough to get to spend the day with her earlier this summer shooting for Issue No. 13, and we’re giving you a sneak-peek into her feature (and sharing some of her interior design wisdom) with you, below!

A Note From The Editor:  We’re so excited to begin sharing content with FabFitFun. Known for their monthly curations of health and beauty products, they also host a wealth of fun reads — ranging from entertainment to wellness — over on their magazine. We thought this article was a great reminder (and educational lesson) on the way we need to rethink our eating habits so that they are truly a part of a healthy lifestyle, not an unrealistic means to an idealized end. 

Sure, counting calories may lead to short-term weight loss, but it doesn’t serve us in the long run. It doesn’t create healthy habits, control cravings, prevent inflammation, or ward off disease. (Plus, eating portion-controlled French toast is just no way to live!) Let’s abandon the calories in/calories out mindset.

Instead, let’s grab a greater understanding of how to optimize the way our body works, and find effortless sustainability.

In the age of eye-opening documentaries like Food, Inc. and Farmaggedon, you’re not alone if you feel overwhelmed and defeated as to the state of the food systems in our country. It can be hard to believe that anything wins anymore except profit, profit, profit, ever slimming the margin between good business, good food and healthy communities.

Then we discovered Los Angeles’ Food Policy Council. They exist to heighten civic engagement between communities and policy makers to ensure that fresh, sustainable, ethical food (otherwise known as Good Food) isn’t a luxury but a right, fully accessible to everyone. We had to chance to chat with the council’s executive director, Clare Fox, for an empowering look at the change that’s taken place in southern California and, hopefully, across the country. Read on, below.

We first heard of Gingger Shankar because she’s the only women in the world playing the double violin. Then, we learned she also started her own music production company, working on projects for companies including HBO, CBS Sports, AFI, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the World Economic Forum.

Her talent and drive make sense, seeing as how she also comes from a line of women responsible for breaking cultural barriers and bringing Indian music to the West during the 1970s. This Embodied Achiever has a lot of wisdom about the music industry, and what it looks like to be a woman in any male-dominated field, so keep reading below to learn more about her story.

When The Chalkboard claims it has discovered life-changing sauces and dressings that practically guarantee you’ll eat more vegetables, how could we not share the findings with you here? Below we’re doing just that, because we think such secrets should never be kept to oneself. Bon appetit! 

EAT MORE GREENS. And roots. And veggies that are really fruits. We’re all about helping you eat more things that grow from the ground! Here’s what every veggie-loving, skin-be-a-glowing gal knows: The key to eating more veggies on a consistent basis has everything to do with making incredible sauces that’ll keep you hooked.

We’re obsessed with lemon tahini sauce (try it on almost anything!) – and miso dressing over veggies of every shape and size will have you craving more greens than you ever imagined. Take your greens from a chore to a craving. Try tahini lemon dressing on even the most bitter veggie and you’ll learn why people legitimately enjoy eating this stuff.

Below are three dressings we love to make at home, each pulled from a popular TCM recipe. Each makes a killer combo with a grain bowl filled with veggies or as a dressing for roasted, raw, or steamed veggies.

Issue No. 13 is finally here and just as with every issue, this one might be our favorite yet.

For fall we’re focusing on all that lies beneath us, the beauty in the unexpected, vulnerability as the key to life, choosing the hardest (yet best) paths, being fearless in relationships and empowering others around you. It’s about embracing the fact that this life is a big question mark, but that it’s worth the fight; living authentically is always in style and the hard questions are definitely the ones to ask.

Want a sneak-peek of more?

Today is Women’s Equality Day, a day that commemorates the historical anniversary (August 26, 1920) of women’s suffrage in the United States.

On August 26, 1970, Betty Friedan and the National Organization For Women (NOW) organized a nationwide Women’s Strike for Equality. Fifty years after gaining the right to vote, women had yet to be granted equal opportunities in employment, education, and services such as twenty-four hour child-care centers. Many of these inequalities, unfortunately, still exist to this day.

Women have come a long way since 1920. And while there is still a ways to go, it’s our mission at Darling that women wouldn’t just see themselves as equals, but also individuals. That we wouldn’t just see barriers as obstacles to smash, but minds to engage, converse with and change for the better. Women of the 21st century should be free to express their femininity in a wide variety of forms, all with virtue, authenticity, beauty and love, pursuing justice at every opportunity along the way.

Below we’re sharing how you can do that, too, in 0:50 seconds. Ready to join us?

It seems as though summer in LA is never really in full swing until August …and during the months that follow.

We’re currently smack in the middle of days that sizzle with heat, sitting under skies streaked with radiant, fire-red sunsets. Perhaps that’s why we felt inspired to curate a few items that have similar August-themed tones. Below we’re sharing items in the shades we’re currently loving, even if true shade is hard to come by.


We’re back again with more helpful, natural health info from Chalkboard Mag. Today they’re sharing what it looks like to rummage in the fridge for more than just food, but healthy, healing ingredients for the outside of your body, too. 

JUST LIKE the food we eat, when it comes to our skin, we like to keep things simple. When we’re buying off the shelves, our motto is “the less ingredients the better.” And when we DIY it up, our step-by-step is usually short-and-sweet (the last thing we want after a long day is to spend hours on what should be self-care!).

Thanks to Deborah at Hello Natural, we’ve found the piece-de-resistance of DIY skin care – or should we say, ten of them. These all-natural, one-ingredient wonders prove that less is more, and use things you probably already have in your pantry or fridge …

Femininity exists in a variety of forms, but we think that courageously pursuing a passion and doing so with beauty, grace and confidence is definitely a hallmark.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you today to Kelsea Slade, owner and designer of K.slademade. She’s a self-starter who jumped into the entrepreneur arena in 2010 with a desire to create her own line of classic, American-made handbags.

Below we’re sharing her colorful approach to business, life, and staying unique in a digital age, so keep reading to learn more about this Stylist Embodied… and to find out how to win one of her creations for yourself!

A Note From The Editor: While in the past it hasn’t been our policy to promote Kickstarter campaigns on Darling, we’ve been receiving so many amazing and inspiring product pitches that we’ve decided to open the door for submissions and will be selecting one campaign to feature every quarter! If you have an upcoming Kickstarter campaign that you’d like to submit for our fall selection (September – November) please send an email to with “Kickstarter Submission” in the subject line.

A t-shirt company might not sound unique, but when you couple one with a purpose that benefits both the wearer and the maker, we take notice. Uniting that purpose with a deeper sense of social justice and anti-trafficking work, and we can’t help but share The Parative Project. It’s so much more than a t-shirt, and we invite you to watch and discover why below.

A Note From The Editor:  We’re so excited to begin sharing content with FabFitFun. Known for their monthly curations of health and beauty products, they also host a wealth of fun reads — ranging from entertainment to wellness — over on their magazine. We thought this article was especially relevant for the wannabe hostess who might be a little too intimidated to cook like a pro. One read-through of the below, however, and you should be well on your way.

Want to become a more romantic cook?  The best way to start is by figuring out all those exotic cooking and consuming terms. We’re here to help you learn the basic culinary terminology you should know when cooking in the kitchen (and when ordering at a restaurant).

Check out our guide below:

   This post is brought to you by Target Style. Shop the new Apparel & Accessories collection in stores and online.

The little black dress. The perfect white tee. And a good pair of jeans.

Your wardrobe can’t get any more classic than it does with denim. It’s the fabric that dresses up just as easily as it breaks in, leaving you with an ever-ready outfit choice you don’t have to think twice about.

Maybe that’s why Target recently decided to update their denim line, releasing a brand new collection containing everything from vests and overalls to joggers and jeggings. If those choices overwhelm you (after all, who knew there could be so many different ways to name a pair of jeans?) don’t worry. We had three of our Darling staffers head over to Target and pick up a few of their favorites to style themselves.

Below, we’re sharing their tips for how to take a risk — and have it pay off — with denim.

A Note From the Editor: As we’re inundated with news headlines with every passing day, hour and tweet it seems, we thought it would be helpful to begin curating select news stories here for you that bear particular importance about the world we live in and the people who shape it. It’s easy to consume; it’s a lot harder to stop, process, and think critically about what’s going on around us.

We hope this series opens the door for conversations to develop and for voices to be heard. We encourage you to share your own thoughts on the stories shared and suggest new ones for us to feature in the comment section below.