If you are an entrepreneur, you likely spend your time feeling like a cocktail of inspired + deflated, generative + stuck, or focused + scattered. Sound about right? You may be familiar with the reality that being busy is different than being productive, yes? You want to work smarter, not harder.

So, whether you work for yourself at home in your sweatpants, or are part of a high-profile startup hustle (or both!), here is a great way to maximize your productivity and clarity …

Reaching for protein when it’s snack time is a sure-fire way to stay nourished and energized when the mid-day slump would otherwise kick in (I’m talking to you, 3pm donut-craving). Focusing on protein and fat provides longer lasting fuel than all of those pre-packaged, carb-centric snacks that are readily available for gals on the go.

Aim for whole, unprocessed and organic foods whenever possible. Be wary of things that come in wrappers or have ingredients you can’t pronounce. Remember, snacks can be smaller portions of foods that you normally eat during mealtime!

Here are 18 ideas for healthy snacking.