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On A Road Trip 1

Style Break: On The Road

Summer is the quintessential time to pack a bag, grab your keys, and take a road trip. Whether it’s a quick trip or a longer get-away, Cassie Winslow, from Deco…


Healing With Food

Healing through food has become increasingly popular in the medical field, for it has been found that the removal of certain food groups can aide in decreasing inflammation, curing type…


Coping With Family Conflict

As one of nine children, I’m never short of a sister to call for advice or a brother to hang out with when I’m bored. There are several other perks…


Beach Picnic Know-How

If you’re anything like me, when summer hits and you live by the beach you want nothing more than to be out in the warm sunshine embracing all the season…

traveling in twos

Traveling in Twos

Being apprehensive about solo travel, taking fewer family trips with mom and dad, or disagreements that can happen amongst larger groups are all potential reasons why we might be prevented…

Oasis 11

Press Pause

Alarm rings. 5am. Quick shower, check emails over breakfast. Drive into the office. Traffic jams as far as the eye can see. Late for the 8am meeting. 4, 5, 6 hopeful co-workers…


Getting Your Attention / Part 4

Resist distractions and “be all there” with these tips: 10. Write With Write Room Microsoft Office is excellent for a lot of things. Staying focused, however, is not one of…

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One Item, Three Ways

 This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier. Finding a piece that is as versatile as it is stylish can be difficult, especially when it comes to…

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